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Think my SPD is back - help!!!!!!!!!

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sweetkitty · 22/07/2005 14:32

hi am 15+1 today. I think my SPD is back with a vengence. Although I was told by a doctor last time that it couldn't be SPD as I didn't have any pain at the front of my pelvis. It feels like someone is shoving a broom handle up my bum (sorry) and kind of radiates outwards and towards my hips. It started at 15 weeks last pregnancy and the pain vanished the minute the baby was out. It's worse if I have been sitting/lying for a while and try and get up. Turning over in bed is agony and is moving my legs at night. Separating my legs is ok which makes me think it can't be SPD as thats supposed to be one of the symptoms.

Is it SPD has anyone else had these symptoms and what has helped?

I'm feeling really low today (this on top of everything else) and DP is no help I think he thinks it is just a bit of backache all preggie women moan about. I have a one year old to look after this time as well.

OP posts:
Meid · 22/07/2005 14:37

I have problems with my sacro-illiac joint. My understanding is that its similar to SPD, except at the back not the front of the pelvis.

The pain comes and goes but its worst I've been unable to walk.

I suffered badly after having my DD 4 years ago, and am now 15 weeks pregnant and suffering again. I've seen a physio and have ordered a pelvic support belt.

I'm not sure where to take if from here as I didn't have during my last pregnancy, just after. I fear the worst as I get bigger, my centre of gravity changes and my pelvis moves apart more.

Definitely see your doctor or midwife and ask to see a physio - one that will work on a pregnant lady.

Don't let them fob you off. Definitely get referred.

Meid · 22/07/2005 14:38

Just noticed we are practically the same dates in our pregnancy. I'm due Jan 14th

sweetkitty · 22/07/2005 14:49

congrats meid have you been on the Due in Jan thread??

will definately mention it to the midwife when I see her on Thursday.

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 22/07/2005 14:59

i have something similair SK, The only way i can describe it is as i imagine arthritis to be. With ds i had it right up to having him and this time it has started at 15/16wks and feels like everything siezes up and cant move. With ds they did say it was mild spd but it wasnt mild to me as it affected how i walked and when i had been lying down i couldnt move.

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