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hyperemisis - does anything help?

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Twiga · 13/07/2005 21:23

My best mate is in hsopital for the 2nd time in about 3 weeks. Has lost 23lb in that time and is just feeling wretched. I know (hopefully) it will pass at some point but is there anything at all that might help. Feeling pretty useless as am in Aberdeen which is pretty much the opp side of the country to me. She was fantastic when I mc last year and has really supported us/been overjoyed for us during this pg (33 wks) - really want to help but just don't know how (have been on the phone a lot, but still feel useless).

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Eve · 13/07/2005 21:28

This saved mt sanity and I used it through out 2nd pregnancy. and whilst I was still quite sick, at least it helped me keep enpoough food down to keep out of hospital.

Morning Well

My consultant was the research consultant on this and I have a lot of time for him, he was excellent, and therefore I had faith in the tape

Redhelen · 13/07/2005 21:28

Your friend is in the right place - and hopefully this hospital trip will make it all more comfortable for her. Stay in touch over the phone - I know she will appreciate this.Perhaps you could send her a cute baby outfit - this should help her focus on a better day to come!

What we go through for our children?!

Twiga · 13/07/2005 21:34

Eve, can you tell me more about the tape, what does it do?

Redhelen, it's just so tough, she's only just over 10 wks, I so want her to enjoy this pg and feel well - a wee present is a lovely idea.

OP posts:
Eve · 13/07/2005 21:43

Its music you listen to, best through headphones...sort of plinky lounge piano music...its OK.

Supposdly the pitch and tone is at a level where it interrupts the brains electrical signals and prevents sickness.

Sounds potty.....but I was very ill for both pregnancies, my midwifery unit keeps these and lends them out to those in need. I found it didn't stop me being sick completely but if I put the music on, lay down in a quiet room after eating , then at least I was able to keep some food down ...without it I would have been sick almost immediately after eating.

....this chap was my consultant

Research Study

he was involved in the reasearch for this, and he is excellent.

helsy · 13/07/2005 21:48

I sympathise, having had it twice - second time was in hospital 4 times for over a month in all and lost 3 stone.

What helped me:

being, and feeling, looked after - friends calling, coming over to make food when DH was at work, taking dd1 out, (baby present is a nice idea)

remembering that it all stops even if it takes 9 months (I had it until and including the day dd2 was born but your friend might not want to hear that - I think most goes after 14 weeks or something like that)

cup of ginger tea made with fresh ginger before I lifted my head off the pillow in the morning

anti sickness pills from the hospital (some worked, some didn't)

What didn't help:

travel bands

Midwife telling me it didn't matter if I didn't eat, the baby would get all the nourishment it needed

DM telling me it was all in my mind and offering me a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel the day I came out of hospital having been in for 8 days on a drip

hospital food!

Twiga · 13/07/2005 21:49

Thanks Eve - will have a trawl through the website and look into getting a copy - your right it does sound potty but if it does the trick even a bit, it's worth a go - thanks!

OP posts:
Twiga · 13/07/2005 21:54

Thanks Helsy - do you just put the ginger into hot water - does it need grated or anything? She's not mangaing to keep the anti-sickness pills down just now - one lot hasn't helped, and she's refused another type she was offered due to there being a risk of cleft palate. Is there any paticular one that would be recommended over anything else? Bless your DM, being offered that after going through 8 days on a drip would probably make anyone feel sick!

OP posts:
helsy · 13/07/2005 21:59

DH found this tea strainer that looks like a two-sided teaspoon with holes in, peeled and sliced ginger, steeped it in boiling water for a minute then I drank it with a bit of cool water.
Bless him, and I slag him off something rotten.

Can't remember pills names but I think they all had the chance of side effects, it was just about balancing the risks. I vomited most of them up too.

There is a homeopathic remedy I think, but I've never tried it.

helsy · 13/07/2005 21:59

Sorry - ginger was grated.

Twiga · 13/07/2005 22:04

Ah cool, thanks helsy - I'll look for one of those or one of those ball things you use for loose leaf tea and send that too.

Figure if I can put enough remedies together something may work/help - many thanks to all of you who've replied on this x

OP posts:
KristinaM · 13/07/2005 22:10

The homeopathic remedy is called nux vom. i took it for "normal" morning sickness and think it helped a bit. I had very bad nausea all the time for the first 18 weeks and am FULL of admiration for those of you who have survived hyperemesis. Take a bow ladies . In my opinion you are all heros

Twiga · 13/07/2005 22:12

Thanks KM!

OP posts:
Eve · 13/07/2005 22:15

....also i found I was left with a lot of problems afterwards Effectively the babies are fine, but the mothers body is malnourished.

I was severly run down after both pregnancies, but my consultant on the 2nd gave me iron and vitamin injections before and after birth and a blood transfusion to try and get some energy into me.

I had renal colic about 4 months after 2nd one which I blame on the dehydration. She needs to insist on some good follow up with a good GP afterwards.

Twiga · 13/07/2005 22:17

Eve, I'll mention it to her - her GP has been great so far, seems to be keeping a close eye via blood test etc, phoned early this morning to recommend she got to the hsopital due to low potassium/sodium.

OP posts:
hannahsaunt · 14/07/2005 11:37

Company is helpful - keep phoning. It's no picnic being that ill and not able to do anything - it was very lonely. I would lie and watch the minutes waiting for dh to come home (not fun when he was doing 18 hour shifts in the acute admissions unit). Magazines were better than books as I was so tired from being ill that I couldn't really concentrate. In fact one of the best things I was given was the complete set of Yes Minister on tape which provided light relief in manageable chunks. Story tapes/CDs are v good if you want to send her things. Aberdeen Maternity are happy to use ondansetron (chemotheray anti emetic) but don't know about other hospitals - worth asking? It was my salvation when I hit absolute rock bottom - big dose IV and then on it from 16 weeks through to 24. It meant that I could start regaining energy. Tell her that prolonged bed rest (v necessary) does result in loss of muscle mass (more quickly than you might think) so to not to have expectations of running around like normal even when the vomiting is under control. Strange things are hard to digest - grapes were lovely and refreshing but I couldn't digest the skins and I would vomit again; knowing foods to avoid - bananas (v acidic), things with peel, high fat (cheese). Soup is good and gentle. I had nine hospital admissions first time round totalling two months and another two months off work (and I only went back part-time) - it's not easy. But I didn't have any admissions second time!

PeachyClair · 14/07/2005 12:37

Used to work on a support line for HG patients (have had it myself), if your friend needs a chat pm me for my nw number.

(The group I used to support for) is a very good link indeed

Twiga · 14/07/2005 12:49

Thanks Hannahsaunt and Peachychair! Think I'll print out this thread and send it with some bits and bobs for her at the weekend.

Peachychair, sorry to be thick but what is pm an abbreviation for? Website looks great and looks like there is a local person in Bedford which is where my pal is based.

OP posts:
PeachyClair · 14/07/2005 12:53

Hannahsmum snap- I didnt have any admissions secon (or third) time either, second time I was medicated from six weeks third only when desperate.

Even remembering when I had the HG is horrid and actually makes me nauseous still! Silly things like TV or reading could set it off, and I even ended up semi conscious from dehydration for 8 hours (dh was at work, I couldnt get to phone when I needed it) before I was admitted. Rehydration helped a lott hough, and though it took a few different meds to see what suited, I did find one.

Horrible memories of running out of BF's ds's Baptism trying not to vomit, and similar at my MIL's when she insisted on making me eat eggs. In fact, chinese leaf, mango and melon were all I could manage- ahve since learned that they are full of water so are good with HG. Flat coke also supposed to be good but didn't learn that until after.

Still have isues with my nausea response: couldn't hold a pencil in my teeth for example, while grabbing the phone / feedinga toddler without gagging: mouth open too long = gag. Strange that.

PeachyClair · 14/07/2005 12:54

PM is personal mail but on a different chatroom- I meant CAT- got confused sorry

Twiga · 14/07/2005 13:08

Thanks Peachychair I'll sound her out when I chat to her later today and CAT you if need be - might be good for her to hear form someone who's been through this, especially if she's at home alone whil her dh is at work once she's discarged from hospital.

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