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28 weeks, ovarian cyst, small baby and threatened induction between 32 and 36 weeks - help!

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Joseyjo · 13/07/2005 15:05

hoping someone can help out with this one.

a friend of mine has been for a scan last week (about 27 weeks) to check on the growth of baby and cyst. baby is a bit small for its weeks (but within normal limits) and cyst has grown slightly.
she was told that she would probably be induced between 32 and 36 weeks - does anyone know why? surely baby is better off in than out at this stage? has anyone had this happen to them and is the doctor over-dramatising the situation?
thanks in advance for all your help!

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fastasleep · 13/07/2005 15:09

I thought that was you for a second!! I've no experience, bet someone does though! bump

Listmaker · 13/07/2005 15:21

My friend's baby was small and they induced her at 37 weeks in the end - I think because the placenta was reckoned to not be working properly so better to get baby out and feeding. She was 4lb 11oz I think and was diddy but is now piling on the weight.

I had an ovarian cyst. dd1 was breach so they said they'd take it out when I had the c-section but then they couldn't find it so reckoned it had burst. Then when I was 9 weeks pg with dd2 15 months later I suddenly woke up in terrible pain. Eventually went into hospital and scans revealed a 10cm cyst (same size as one before) on the same ovary so I think it was there and they missed it. It settled down and they left it but had lots of scans to check it wasn't growing (it didn't). At 14 weeks ended up in hospital again but it didn't burst and went away again so they decided to leave it. Ended up with another c-section because I wanted one and they could do the cyst at the same time. They nearly couldn't find it again as it was RIGHT under my ribs (and painful as the aneasthetic didn't reach up there!!). Anyway they got it out so all OK.

Not sure what the problem would have been if it gerw - maybe that it could burst which is an emergency op job.

Joseyjo · 13/07/2005 21:59

thanks listmaker, that is really helpful.
i spoke to my friend today and she thinks the doctor is doing worst case scenario. apparently they will only induce her if the baby stops growing. they are going to scan her every 2 weeks to check its growth.
how the cyst impacts the whole thing i am not sure.
i think i am more worried than she is!!!

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