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Labour: can you feel the baby moving or kicking during contractions?

11 replies

Jzee · 18/06/2003 21:43

I'm 37 weeks now and it's just a thought - possibly a silly one, but am I likely to feel the baby moving around during contractions?

OP posts:
codswallop · 18/06/2003 21:51

no! just that feeling of being ready to do a massive poo

codswallop · 18/06/2003 21:52

I suppose thats at the end
....No still have no memory of it

sobernow · 18/06/2003 21:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Claireandrich · 18/06/2003 21:59

Can't remember feeling any movements either. Mind the MWkept asking me to move about as baby was not moving about enough - she ekpt relaxing and having a snooze instead I think. She made no effort at all to be born - eventually she decided she wasn't going to bother with the effort at all and I had to have a cs! She still is pretty relaxed! So, they do keep moving about but maybe we are too distracted to notice.

SofiaAmes · 18/06/2003 23:24

My ds was extremely active during his time inside of me (hasn't really slowed down since), but I don't remember his movements at all during my 40 hour labor. I'm sure he was moving, I just think my attention was on other things.

M2T · 18/06/2003 23:26

I think that the baby 'sleeps' through most of the labour. I remember reading that in one of the Pregnancy books (that I will NOT be reading if/when the 2nd comes along!).

I had diamorphine and cant really remember, but I don't think he did any moving except my puuuuuuuuushing!

Good luck.... you're nearly there!

Dinny · 18/06/2003 23:40

Isn't the baby being still a sign of imminent labour? DD was quiet from about 11pm the day before I gave birth (at 11.40pm) - it was her lack of movement that prompted me to go to get checked out. I didn't feel her move at all in labour - but contractions kind of block everything out. Good luck with the birth Jzee. IME, it is a fab few (?!) hours. xxx

WideWebWitch · 19/06/2003 09:38

jzee, I can't remember feeling ds moving when I was in labour except for one bit when I very definitely felt him give a huge surge downwards. He was born a couple of hours later but I don't remember movement after the one I've just described. Like everyone else says though, you're focussing on other things! Good luck with your birth.

Lollypop · 19/06/2003 21:21

Felt DS moving in between contractions during first stage of labour but not actually during the contractions at that point everything else just pales into insignificance. Good Luck

pupuce · 19/06/2003 21:37

yes you will feel your baby move during your labour

motherinferior · 24/06/2003 16:25

I'm in labour and I can feel mine!

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