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Can you get stretchmarks the second time, if you didn't the first time?

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morningpaper · 12/07/2005 21:07

I didn't get them the first time. I've been having nightmares about getting them this time. Is it likely?

(I apologise for being so shallow!)

OP posts:
Twiglett · 12/07/2005 21:08

yes oh yes

morningpaper · 12/07/2005 21:09


(Slathers herself in expensive Body Shop Body Butter at every opportunity.)

OP posts:
Redhelen · 12/07/2005 21:10

I would imagine if you are the same sort of size as before - you will be fine, as you obviously have the right sort of skin!

This reminds me - must get my cream out and massage into large belly!

emmatmg · 12/07/2005 21:11

I got new one with each pregnancy so I would think so.....

My lower belly looks like an austrian blind as Ds1+2 caused vertical marks, and ds3 cause horizontal

Call me odd, but I'm actually quite fond of them...

emmatmg · 12/07/2005 21:12

nee oneS, believe me I got more than one!!!

hunkermunker · 12/07/2005 21:12

Sudocrem's good at fading them...or any thick white cream with zinc in. So if all else fails...slather it on post-birth!

Redhelen · 12/07/2005 21:12

They are a badge of honour!

Twiglett · 12/07/2005 21:13

um .. redhelen imagine away but I was far larger with DS than DD and it was DD what done the business on my belly

Redhelen · 12/07/2005 21:13

Bio-oil is very good too - if very expensive!

Twiglett · 12/07/2005 21:14

TBF I am quite lucky .. I only had 2 and they are quite faint now .. and anyway I can't see them cos they're below my navel and the mound that is now my belly hides them from a downwards glance

starlover · 12/07/2005 21:14

body butter doesn't work!
i used lovely lovely cocoa butter EVERY DAY twice a day most days

have the MOST stretch marks EVER!

midwife said that you either get them or you dont! the creams and stuff make no difference

essbee · 12/07/2005 21:15

Message withdrawn

Redhelen · 12/07/2005 21:15

Oh Twiglett - Do you mean I have managed my weight carefully these last 8 months and might still look like a map of the Midland rail network afterwards!

assumedname · 12/07/2005 21:16

I didn't get any, with 3 pregnancies. But then I am tall so there's plenty of room for the baby so I probably didn't stick out as much.

I also took Vitamin E and slathered on loads of stuff from the Body Shop.

Redhelen · 12/07/2005 21:17

assumedname - [ENVY] [ENVY] [ENVY]

Redhelen · 12/07/2005 21:18

assumedname or even !!!!

HappyMumof2 · 12/07/2005 21:23

Message withdrawn

spidermama · 12/07/2005 21:24

I wear mine with pride. 4 Different sets for 4 different pregnancies.

assumedname · 12/07/2005 21:26

Redhelen - just luck!

You should see my hairy legs!

On the down side, in each pregnancy the midwife was tut-tutting and saying the baby was small for dates - they weren't but I just didn't stick out that much.

lou33 · 12/07/2005 21:35

4 kids no stretch marks, don't know if that means you won't get them though

moondog · 12/07/2005 21:37

Never got any with either. (5 foot 7 inches tall) Maybe there is a size/mark correlation???

LOL at ammatmeg's venetian blind comment!

peaceandlight · 12/07/2005 21:39

I didn't get any with ds1 but went a lot bigger with ds2 and got just a couple of them.

Mumfun · 14/07/2005 12:56

Has been said to me that what your mother got - you are likely to get too!

My mum had horrendous marks with me - but she did overeat and put on 3 stone. I knew I would get marks so was cool about it - got some low down but have faded away. Try not to put on more weight as last time as apparently that can cause you to get them having not got them before


Toothache · 14/07/2005 12:58

MP - I got about 3 little stretchmarks at 37 weeks. They were right down at my bikini line though. Then when I was pg with dd I got them all the way up to my belly button by 33 wks!!!

Incidentally, my Mum had 4 children and has no stretch marks.

oliveoil · 14/07/2005 13:00

Yes. But they fade. BUT you are then left with a crepey 'rice pudding top' stomach instead. Lovely.

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