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can upset tummy at 38 weeks cause problems for baby?

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JiminyCricket · 12/07/2005 16:17

Was pretty violently sick on Sat and have been almost unable to leave the toilet today for more than 5 mins...I was just wondering if it affects the baby at all? I'm trying to keep drinking plenty but seems a losing battle against dehydration what with this heat as well...any thoughts?

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 12/07/2005 16:18

Could be the start of labour?

moozoboozo · 12/07/2005 16:19

Don't worry, JC. at 38 weeks, it won't cause any harm. Just keep drinking the water, and if you can, some dioralyte or something, just to get you back on track.

JiminyCricket · 12/07/2005 16:36

Thanks mzb. Did wonder hm - and would be over the moon if it was - my midwife said it could be when I saw her yesterday but that was when I though it was all over with and before it got horrendous like today - I didn't get this last time, but was reading another recent thread about it - oh well here's hoping a) it is the start of something wonderful or b) it gets lost soon so I can start to enjoy my mat leave!

OP posts:
lemonice · 12/07/2005 16:40

I had food poisoning from a supermarket samosa at that stage and the gp gave me an injection to stop me being sick which worked immediately and baby was born fine at 42 + weeks

Hope you feel better soon and have a comfortable birth.

trefusis · 12/07/2005 16:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

mancmum · 12/07/2005 16:50

I had gastroenteritis when 35 weeks and landed up in hospital on drip as was so dehydrated. Baby was totally fine...

JiminyCricket · 12/07/2005 18:27

thanks for the reassurance - i can cope with me, but the worry really gets to you, eh? x

OP posts:
kgc · 13/07/2005 01:14

hey there jiminyCricket hope you feeling better now....I had a bug through second pregnancy and my fourth and all was okay.....I was worried so I was constantly on the phone to the midwife who kept me reasurred and said you may not be fine but baby will be.....well insulated in there!!!!

JiminyCricket · 15/07/2005 08:19

Thanks kgc - seem to be able to eat something safely for the first time since saturday lunch this morning - the doc gave me some tablets that i'm allowed to take in pregnancy - i only took two because they can make the baby a bit drowsy apparently, but seem to have done the trick and I can start them again if i need. Pesky heartburn has got 10 x worse though, probably because of not eating much recently (baby taken over my stomach space??!) so am having to eat really tiny amounts (not something that will do me any harm, I have to say). Birthing pool got here yesterday so can jump in and relax soon! x

OP posts:
aviatrix · 16/07/2005 10:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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