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Leg pain?

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dyzzidi · 06/07/2005 08:53

I am only 13.5wks pregnant but am suffering from terrible leg and hip pain. Surely this is too early for sciatica. My hip feels like it may give way when i walk on it and my leg feels like i have laid on it funny. This has been going on for three days now. I am seeing the midwife next week but it is really sore.

Do any of you have these pains if so do you have any cures.

OP posts:
RedZuleika · 06/07/2005 09:46

I had this early on in my pregnancy (am now 29 weeks). Right hip, shooting down my right leg - and sometimes up into my back if I raised my right arm. I had one session with an osteopath and it was sorted. He suggested that it was a bit early for the relaxin to be messing with my pelvis and that it could be a pre-existing problem which pregnancy had exacerbated. It has to be said, that I have experienced problems with my right knee for some years - and had seen a physiotherapist (who was pretty useless, could find nothing essentially wrong and sent me away after several sessions with no improvement. Wish I'd saved my money and seen an osteopath then.). When the hip issue was sorted, the knee problem improved too.

He did say that I might need to come back later in pregnancy, but showed me a little manoeuvre that my husband could perform on my leg which might help. It has and I haven't needed to return. I will go back a couple of months post-partum, however, to check that everything has returned to where it should be.

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