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back pain and sutton midwife!

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badger2005 · 04/07/2005 15:41

Hello! I'm 29 weeks pregnant, and have this really sharp pain in my lower back. It is v low - almost at my bum, and I think it's more on the right side than the left. It is not constant at all. It's just like I sometimes stand up or move position and get this really sharp pain for a couple of seconds. I also have it a bit if I walk for a while, but not as bad. I did mention back pain to the midwife I saw before, but she didn't seem concerned. Is this just normal?
My second question is this. I've just moved to Sutton (the non-station end of the high street), and so need to find a new GP, hospital and midwife! Does anyone live in this area and have any advice?
Thank you!!!

OP posts:
oatcake · 04/07/2005 15:47

sciatica? v common in pregnant women.

dunno about sutton GPs - sorry.

tarantula · 04/07/2005 16:01

Hi badger2005 there are lots of people from the Sutton area around so hopefully one will turn up and be able to give you some more details. I live in Sutton borough but my GP is in Epsom borough so I only had the Sutton midwives for postnatal care. they all seemed very nice tho my main one was a bit wet. Had a lovely young midwife tho who came out when I had problems bfing. Your hospital should be St Heliers which Ive heard mixed reports about so you may want to visit to check. Not sure if you could go to Epsom hospital as its in the same trust or whatever they call it but if you dont fancy St Heliers then its worth looking at. Hope all goes well and Im sure someone will pop up soon with more info.

badger2005 · 07/07/2005 10:44


OP posts:
mears · 07/07/2005 11:23

Sounds like your sacro-iliac joint. Very painful - had problems myself. Best to see a physio to help prevent it get worse. You will get physio referral bymidwife or GP. Sorry, don't know the area at all.

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