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Pregnancy after Depo Provera

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dcolagirl · 09/06/2003 13:16

I already have 2 kids, agres 1.7 and 2.9. I have stopped having my depo jab as it is making me even fatter and we have decided to have another baby. Anyway, my question is this: Has anyone else got pg after depo? How long did it take? I haven't had a period since Feb (I think) and my last jab was due on 21st March but I didn't have it, and I still haven't had a period. (hi Mum2Toby, if you're reading ;o) So, I may be pregnant now - done a tes a few weeks ago and it was neg. I don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on tests (although I AM tempted!) so would appreciate some of your experiences with this! Thanks.

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