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What's been your pregnancy food craving?

37 replies

bigpreggybelly · 15/12/2009 13:37

Can't get enough marmite myself - what's everyone else eating to uncontrollable quantities??

OP posts:

SecretSlattern · 15/12/2009 13:41

salt and vinegar crisps and salad cream together


hazeyjane · 15/12/2009 13:51

i walked all the way into town the other day to buy a wedge of edam, stood outside the shop,ripped open the pack and ate half of it.


MamaLazarou · 15/12/2009 14:12

Mine was jam, around week 25, but it didn't last long, thankfully.

I'm quite disappointed not to have had any interesting cravings, actually! In the 1st trimester, I went off meat for a couple of weeks. Couldn't bear the thought of it.


hazeyjane · 15/12/2009 15:23

MamaLazarou, you would have loved my dh - when I went into labour with dd1, he made a whole loaf of bread into jam sandwiches - fortunately I was ravenous throughout labour and ate the lot!


oopsandbabyJesusinacoconut · 15/12/2009 15:25

Mine this time has been MC Donalds chips with sweet and sour dip. I haven't eaten them for at least 10 years and fortunately for me the nearest one if 25mins away!


Fibilou · 15/12/2009 15:45

Nothing. I haven't had any cravings and have lost my appetite along with a bunch of weight.

I must be the only pregnant woman to look thinner at 8 months than prepregnancy (but I was a size 18 before so it's all good )


peanutpie · 15/12/2009 16:08

My appetite is going wild and I feel I could eat the world at the moment.

I am craving a whole pub food menu.......
scampi & chips
pie and chips
sausage rolls
chips and fishfingers
chicken curry and rice
chilli and rice
salt and vinegar crips
beef stew

I am thinking about food almost constantly, but nothing healthy unfortunately. This baby clearly wants to fatten me up for Christmas!


nomorebooze · 15/12/2009 17:00

onion rings, gimme gimme more


Rindercella · 15/12/2009 17:02

No cravings as such but have totally gone off chocolate


MummyTumble · 15/12/2009 17:03

chocolate - which i never ever buy...until now!!!!!!!!!!!!!


preggarschick · 15/12/2009 18:41

ceasar salads with chicken tikka,
tomato soup.


Weegle · 15/12/2009 18:49

With DS I craved satsumas and cherry tomatoes for several months - I lierally ate loads of them...

With this preg (twin girls) I've had a lot more aversions than cravings - can't really stand meat or tomatoes (craved with DS!) - and have had very transient (lasting approx 24 hours at a time) cravings for pickled gherkins, white carbs, lemon curd, salt and vinegar crisps and the current 24 binge-a-thon of filo prawns with sweet chilli sauce. Have had a rather odd diet this pg as it's been dictated to by hyperemisis!


Jenba · 15/12/2009 20:27

Craving mainly savoury things which vary day to day but salt and vinegar crisps, mcdonalds filet o fish and spicy chinese ribs seem to feature regularly. Nothing healthy unfortunately but have gone off chocolate and most sweet things so thats something.



wibblela · 15/12/2009 21:31

No weird cravings so far for me (18+5), only craved vegemite when I have fresh bread and bananas. That for me is a weird one, seeing as I used to hate them, couldn't stand the smell of them and had to leave the room when one was brought out!


jellybean86 · 15/12/2009 21:33

pepsi max! ive banned it from the house because it i see a bottle its gone in seconds!


Rhian82 · 15/12/2009 21:41

I never had any specific cravings, but I found I was eating a lot more fruit and drinking a lot more fruit juice.


natapillar · 16/12/2009 00:46

I have had a craving for mayonnaise throughout this pregnancy. and I seem to want pickle with any kind of sandwich filling!


lolalotta · 16/12/2009 12:20

peanut butter, cheese and potato pie (mash with fried onion and grilled cheese on top with baked beans and brown sauce) and weirdly raw carrot. Not all at the same time, lol!


lolalotta · 16/12/2009 12:22

oh and pickled onions too!


fiziwizzle · 16/12/2009 13:18

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.


GoldenSnitch · 16/12/2009 13:32

Roast chicken!

With roast potatoes and gravy and yorkshire puddings. More than once a week!!

She's coming out tomorrow though and I can stop..


Middledaughter · 16/12/2009 13:42

Eggy bread and pop corn. two things I would normally eat very rarely I could eat every day given a chance. Also very keen on raw peppers!


HappyBump · 16/12/2009 13:42

Must eat green apples and toffee ... and not really wanting chocolate at all.


Poohbearsmom · 16/12/2009 14:58

I went mad for milk and bananas with ds1 drank 2litres of milk a day!!


ReindeerRusso · 16/12/2009 21:37

No cravings as such, but lots of stodge. A disproportionate number of ham and cheese toasted sarnies.

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