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Boy guzzlers.

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pie · 06/06/2003 10:54

Has any one found this to be true. As I'm pregnant with another girl I have no idea, but am curious to know what others think.

OP posts:
Lollypop · 06/06/2003 20:10

Ate far more and put on more weight with DD, probebly due to the jam songe and custard thing I had. This time, with DS, I was more careful with the amount I ate altough I did like Fry's Chocolate Creams and Extra Strong Mints. DD was 8lbs 6oz and DS was 8lbs 2oz. Have to say 244 is a small sample.

Ailsa · 06/06/2003 23:17

I have one of each, with dd I had no problems with my weight, but then with ds the doctor told me at about 30 weeks that I was putting on too much weight and to cut down otherwise he'd put me on a diet.

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