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weight gain

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Rachael17 · 04/06/2003 19:04

im a bit concernd as i havent put on any weight since i saw my m/w at 10wks now 15wks
should i be worried ive been eating healthily and plenty

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tinyfeet · 04/06/2003 19:10

Don't worry Rachael - I know lots of women who have lost weight during their first trimester and had perfectly health and norma pregnancies and babies. I also haven't put on any weight and I am at 11 weeks and puking a lot in the past few weeks. Good luck!

pie · 04/06/2003 19:12

I wouldn't worry, apparently if is very normal not to put any weight at all during the 1st trimester, which you have just finished. Supposedly you put most of the weight on in the middle three months.

There is some info here at the bottom of the page. But really don't worry about it. Your m/w will be able to reassure you that the baby is growing well and thats what matters. If you have started to show, then you know that the little one is growing. When is your next appointment?

pie · 04/06/2003 19:14

Like tinyfeet I puked, actually still am and have lost 15 kilos (33 pounds) since I got pregnant. But I was overweight so there were no concerns. At my 20 week scan last week the estimate weight of the baby was that of a 21/22 week baby.

Rachael17 · 04/06/2003 21:49

thank u
i feel so much better now
its a real bugger tho the one time wen i dont have to loose weight i do next app with m/w is next week also got a app with hosp consultant cos my bmi is slightly higher than it should be for my age
both of u hang in there the sickness goes i wasnt really very puky but i had constant nausea lucky for me it cleared up by 12 weeks and now i feel fine im very tired most of the time tho
it does get better

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