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risk from glandular fever?

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mogwai · 23/06/2005 10:53

My baby is due today. My sister is on antibiotics for suspected glandular fever. She lives at home with my mother.

They would like to visit when the baby is born. I'm dubious, to say the least. They feel hurt that I'm dubious.

Anyone know what the risks are? Is it contagious? Is my mum likely to be a risk as well as my sister, and how long should they stay away?

I mean, if I was in the next bed on the maternity ward, I wouldn't be too thrilled about visitors knowingly bringing infection near my new baby.

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Twiglett · 23/06/2005 10:58

I don't know but don't think you are being over the top

if you can get immunity to glandular fever and you have HAD it then baby would be protected by your antibodies

I googled and it seems spread is by touch / kissing etc and it takes 4 - 6 weeks

I wouldn't personally be happy with it, maybe you could call NHS direct 0845 46 47 to see what their advice would be??

good luck btw

mogwai · 23/06/2005 11:01

that's a really good idea Twiglett, I'll call them now

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mogwai · 23/06/2005 11:10

just phoned them


Stupid girl on the other end of the phone took my details (including ethnic group....) and listened to what I was concerned about.

Then she said "right....are you calling about an illness or injury to yourself?" - obviously reading from a script.

So I said "I just told you what I'm phoning about"

"oh yeah...hang on....can you tell me your address"

"I just told you that"

"oh yeah"

she's going to get someone with more brain cells to phone me back

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HappyMumof2 · 23/06/2005 20:28

Message withdrawn

lucy5 · 23/06/2005 20:34

She definetly shouldnt be taking antibiotics apparently it makes it worse. My dd (4) has had glandular fever aged 2 and a reccurence of it aged 4. Its only passed on through saliva or sneezing etc my sister caught it off her, but I didnt get it.

mogwai · 24/06/2005 09:02

hmm that's what the lady at NHS direct said

ie, antibiotics won't work. But she also said that, as I have never had the disease, baby will have no immunity, so is vunerable.

I'll have to find out when she's getting her results. Problem is, both she and my mother are irresponsible enough to lie about the results so that they can see the baby. Not sure what I can do if they insist she's clear (they both have a mental age of fourteen!)

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mears · 24/06/2005 09:25

mogwai - you are not at risk. Here is a link pregnancy and glandular fever

However, it is correct that your sister should not be on antibiotics for glandular fever. It will not help and if it has penicillin in it she will end up with a horrendous rash!

mears · 24/06/2005 09:31

Just realised I didn't answer the question properly. It would be best if anyone who is unwell did not come to visit in a maternity ward. It does not sound as though the diagnosis of glandular fever may be the right one. Who knows what it is. Tell ehr to stay away until she is better.

Jillyk · 24/06/2005 09:59

I work in a lab with epstein barr virus (EBV) which is the virus that causes glandular fever. Approx 95% of the adult population carries this virus. Most people are infected by their parents or other close relatives in early childhood as it is spread through saliva, at this time infection does not seem to cause any disease. Glandular fever is most common in the teenage years. We've just finished a large study looking at the student population and glandular fever.
Mogwai - CAT me if you want to find out anymore. Hope all goes well with the birth of your baby

mogwai · 24/06/2005 10:12

Thanks for your responses. She definitely needs to stay away from the maternity unit, I'll insist on that.

Perhaps she could stay away altogther for a couple of weeks, or until her symptoms subside. Mind you, if I say "until your symptoms subside" she will lie and say they have done.

I'll set a limit on it - two weeks?

By the way, Mears, you always give such great advice. I think you should have your own website. You'd make a mint!

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