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Cramps in Early pregnancy

12 replies

OwlMother · 03/06/2003 20:59

I am seven weeks pregnant and am experiencing mild to medium period type cramps, also slight discomfort/ stomach ache not nausea. Second pregnancy didn't get anything like this first time.
Anyone any experience of this?

OP posts:
bubbly · 03/06/2003 21:47

Owlmother - hugs I dont know what this feels like but I do sympathise that you must be worried. Would it help if you contact the midwife team who helped with your first pregnancy or the maternity unit at your local hosp -they may have some advice.

Lollypop · 03/06/2003 21:58

Owlmother, Its scary, I had spotting with DS. I'd go with Bubbly's advice or ring NHS direct. Hope everything is OK.

morocco · 04/06/2003 00:26

hello owlmother
I'm not sure if this is the same thing but I had a lot of period type pain and stomach ache from about 6 weeks to 12 weeks pregnant. One of my friends also had something similar. I have no idea why sorry but everything went fine with the pregnancy. I always imagined it to be 'stretching' but that's not a scientific explanation.

grommit · 04/06/2003 09:23

Owlmother - I had this with both pregnancies -lower abdominal pain and some stomach pain from 5-10 weeks. This can be caused by everything expanding but also can be constipation. Try not to worry

woodge · 04/06/2003 13:30

I've experienced the same thing with my 2nd pregnancy (it didn't happen with the first). I asked my GP about it (after the pain had been gone for a few weeks) and he said that it could be stretching etc but it could also be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Apparently these don't necessarily show the same kind of symptons that you might experience when you're not pregnant. His advice was to get a sample tested if you're unsure.

codswallop · 04/06/2003 13:32

I had them too thought it was miscarriage each time(£ and it was ligamnents

codswallop · 04/06/2003 13:33

Bum HOW did I put that smile in there meant to be a 2

codswallop · 04/06/2003 13:33

No 3 (Mutters I have 3 children)

bubbly · 05/06/2003 16:24

Owlmother -how are you doing?

OwlMother · 05/06/2003 21:00

Cramps still there. Thanks for all the advice. They seem to have settled down a bit. Took bubblys advice and phoned midwife I'd had in Belfast when was pregnant first time (now in scotland) She said more or less the same as everyone here, stretching etc. She also reminded me I had a lot of problems with symphis pubis disfunction last time - this could be contributing. How did I manage to overlook that?!?! Going to doctors on Tues just to double check. Thanks.

OP posts:
bubbly · 05/06/2003 21:58

You sound more positive Owlmother. Hope the doc has good things to say. It is so uncomfortable being pg, I had forgotten about the stretching too. Good luck

loobie732 · 07/06/2003 19:02

I am also 7 weeks PG and i am also experiencing stomach cramps. I got in to see my mid-wife just in case something was wrong. She said that if it was generally all over the stomach (The kind of cramps you get when you are on your period) then there is nothing to worry about it is just implantation pains.
I definatly agree with every one else though. This is a very dangerous stage that we are at, I would get your self in to see a doctor or a mid-wife.
I have the occasional cramp every now and again but it seems to dissapear when i go to the toilet. I have been having them for 2 weeks now. I hope that every thing is ok.

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