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Rhesus negative

18 replies

MUSA · 20/06/2005 16:25

Somebody told me that if you are a rhesus negative blood group, than having your second baby may cause more of a problem how true is that?.

OP posts:
misdee · 20/06/2005 16:26

only if your partner is rh+ and your 1st baby was rh+ too.

SoupDragon · 20/06/2005 16:27

Only if a previous baby was RH +ve and the subsequent baby is too.

MUSA · 20/06/2005 16:41

My partner is rh+ and my first baby is rh+ to, why is it a problem, and what problems will i have.

OP posts:
Lua · 20/06/2005 16:50

Musa, since you are RH- your body will produce antibodies against blood cells that are +. Thus, if your baby is + you can be attacking baby's blood cell, which is not a good thing!! This use to be a really serious problem in the past, but nowadays is easy to manage with AntiD shots. Just talk with your GP and/or MW and they should take care of it. Happy pregnancy!

trefusis · 20/06/2005 16:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MUSA · 20/06/2005 17:04

Yes i did have a anti d after i had given birth, does that mean i have to have anti d again second time round

OP posts:
trefusis · 20/06/2005 17:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

misdee · 20/06/2005 17:15

they now do jabs 2-3times during the pregnancy (most areas now anyway) as again after the birth. anti-d has to be given with a 72hour time slot i belive.

trefusis · 20/06/2005 17:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon · 20/06/2005 17:19

I think you need a shot after any bleeding in pregnancy don't you?

trefusis · 20/06/2005 17:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

AnotherHelen · 20/06/2005 18:05

If you are rhesus neg and your partner is positive than you will have anti-d after all your deliverys, and in any other bleeding even if you have a slight bump or knock to your tummy in an accident, and after a miscarriage, they also routinely give anti-d at 28 and 34 weeks now just to make sure, i am rhesus neg and i am currently pregnant with baby no.3 and i have never had any problems as a result of it, my second baby was fine and so far this baby is too, i am aware that wome people have had problems with subsequant babies, but im unsure of the details, as far as i know majority of people dont have any troubles at all! hope this helps abit!! Helen. xxxxxx

MUSA · 20/06/2005 18:11

Helen thanks i thought you only had to have anti d first time round, not everytime you was pregnant.

Good luck with no3, hope all goes well for you.

OP posts:
Dee77 · 20/06/2005 23:14

Hi I'm rhesus negative and 28 weeks pregnant, I go for my anti-D injections on Thursday. I'm not looking forward to it, I am petrified of needles.

Socci · 20/06/2005 23:38

Message withdrawn

hester · 21/06/2005 00:14

Dee, I'm rhesus negative and have had two anti-D shots. They're really nothing to worry about - just a quick jab in the bum. Honestly, you'll be fine.

Socci, I'm really interested by your comment. Will search for that thread!

AnotherHelen · 21/06/2005 13:13

Thanks musa! im due for my 28 week shots on thursday and i too am dreading it! -im with u dee - i hate needles! Socci - why do you regret it? im having second thoughts about having mine done, as my frist 2 babies i just had anti-d after the birth not while i was pregnant, and it seemed enough to me! xxxx

SoupDragon · 21/06/2005 13:19

I have a slightly different view of this as I'm the flip side, a rh +ve child of a rh -ve mother (before anti-D). I was induced 4 weeks early, had exchange transfusions at birth and had a stay in SCBU. My parents were advised not to have any more children because they would be affected even more badly than I was.

I don't know all the arguments for/against the routine jabs as it's not relevant to me but thought I'd share the "other side"

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