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Anyone due October? (and freebie question!!)

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fattiejojo · 27/05/2003 17:29

Hi I'm new to this site and due 4th Oct with first, anyone else due around the same time? I am just about to start feeling what may be described as a very faint kick (I think!!). Anyway, I also wanted to ask if anyone knows of any good websites that do free samples of baby products, especially eco-friendly nappies as I am only just coming round to the idea that I might use them.
A lot of pg women I know seem to mention all these on line free samples they keep getting but I can't find any!!
Thanks Joanne and bump xxx

OP posts:
EJsMum · 27/05/2003 18:23

Congrats Joanne (and bump!). To me DDs (now 9mo)first 'kicks' felt like I had wind (sorry!)

I'm afraid I don't know of any sites but I'm sure some of the mumsnet regulars can help you out.

happyspider · 27/05/2003 20:13

I don't know of any free sample online, you do get a lot of freebies though.
Check the booklet that your GP has given you (I think it's called Emma's diary) there is a voucher in there to get your bounty pack, full of goodies!
Also, at your antenatal scan (20 weeks) they should have given you another booklet with week by week advice, and I think you get more vouchers in there.

You need to exchange them at Mothercare or other stores.
Hope all goes well for you, I am due beginning of June, but I only felt my first kick at 29 weeks, so I am quite amazed you could feel it so early!
good luck and welcome!!!!

codswallop · 27/05/2003 20:35

they are not woth getting excited about! Just a taste of things to come - nappy cream - s towels - fab conditioner...

meanmum · 27/05/2003 20:45

You sound like you'll be a better mum than me but check out the actual websites of the company's that make the products you are interested in. For example a friend of mine gets vouchers from McDonalds quite regularly by looking on their site.

suesbabybump · 28/05/2003 11:08

Hi Joanne and all, I too am new to this site and am expecting my first on 17th October!!!!

I have just started feeling very slight movement and it feels like lots of bubbles bursting in my tummy.

Hope to talk to you soon. Take care.

Sue and "baby bump" xxx

Tortington · 28/05/2003 12:13

i do the toggin around the web for freebies thang, and there are free nappies and vouchers knocking around, look on the pampers and huggies websites see if they have any - the thing is they send you loads of bobbins mail either by post or e - mail - it doesnt bother me

ps. just for reference - i dont get the nappy stuff - i go for free bottle openers and lipsticks!

Brookstone · 30/05/2003 08:02

hi joanne,
congratulations on your pregnancy. i don't know much about suitable websites but as happyspider said your bounty pack might give you some ideas.
i'm due on 7th october and have been feeling kicks for a good few weeks. in fact i've been awake since 5.30am because of this little baby kicking away!

Bobsmum · 30/05/2003 16:20 will send you freebie samples of Moltex eco-disposables which are fab.
if you're after samples of washable nappies you usually have to pay or Lollipop will come to your home and show you pretty much everything that's out there! (don't know the website but a Google search would do it.

shellyk · 31/05/2003 23:24

Hi Joanne
Welcome to Mumsnet, it has been really helpful to me as I have been very anxious, I am due on the 17th October and just had my 20 week scan. I can feel something but it isn't as distinct as a kick, more like bubbles and wobbles!

I am also intersted in freebies and eco friendly baby things. I have never really been into it before but pending motherhood is making changes (quite scary really). Anyway good luck.

crazynow · 10/06/2003 18:07

Hi Joanne,

Someone has mentioned Emma's diary - this has quite a few pages where you can fill out forms and get the free packs and also sites you can log onto for freebies, huggies, pampers etc.

I'm due with baby no.2 - 17th September. With ds I felt him move at about 20wks - like butterflys in your tum. With this prg it was a lot earlier - 12wks and then at 15wks I felt it move as in turning round inside the tummy.

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