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Kick charts are HORRIBLE

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Nat777 · 11/06/2005 23:09

I ended up with a kick chart as at 30 weeks and 5 days her movements had dropped alot. I ended up on the maternity ward and although a CTG showed everything to be fine, they were a little concerned so they sent me home with a kick chart.

I really think these things are not a good idea, particularly for first time Mums. It is making me paranoid and apparently if I dont get 10 movements within a 12 hour period I have to go into hospital! So I could end up in there loads, as they really lectured me about not leaving it so long to go in next time. Thing is, I have a really stressful job, so if I am busy, I might not particularly notice a movement, so this chart is making me really anxious.

I guess the hospital needs to be safe rather than sorry!

OP posts:
QueenEagle · 11/06/2005 23:12

With my 4th and 5th I never filled them in tbh. Thought it a waste of time to have my notes open on the kitchen worktop and one eye on the clock. Always kept a mental note through the day anyway. However, I do think better to be safe than sorry, but also understand how they can make for worry.

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