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What does the term Breech Free mean...

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Lulu41 · 14/05/2003 15:29

as that was put on my notes today as presentation - it was transverse last time round so I hope it going to eventually end up the right way!!!!!!!!!!

OP posts:
happyspider · 14/05/2003 15:50

how many weeks are you lulu41?
the baby normally turns around at around 32 to 34 weeks, until then he/she floats around freely...

Mum2Toby · 14/05/2003 15:53

It's bum down, but not engaged yet. I think.

My ds turned at 34 weeks...... ouch!

Lulu41 · 14/05/2003 16:58

I am currently 30 weeks

OP posts:
Mum2Toby · 14/05/2003 16:59

Ah plenty time yet for the wee one to turn.

happyspider · 14/05/2003 21:19

yep, mine turned at 34 weeks, and he/she had been breech all along!

However I have also heard that the doctors can turn manually a breech baby around shortly before delivery.

mears · 14/05/2003 23:28

Not a problem Lulu41. Babies move around a lot at 30 weeks, playing tumble driers

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