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self tan - is it safe?

8 replies

pie · 12/05/2003 15:13

Ok I know that accepted wisdom with dying your hair when preggers is not for the first 12 weeks. Well I'm 18 weeks and I've managed to save enough of my weekly budget to splash out on some sort of pampering product. This being the UK I am looking highly pasty so would quite like to start to color off in case summer does actually arrive. I hate being the only one wearing sandals and being mistaken for a goth.

So whats the verdict on self tanning products? Are there any you'd recommend and is it generally safe to use when pregnant?

OP posts:

Marina · 12/05/2003 15:18

I have not heard of self-tan being unsafe, Pie. In fact I was contemplating a similar move myself. You describe yourself as pasty, but are you truly fair-skinned, medium or olive? I think different products suit different skin types. I tend to use Lancome or Boots no 7, both of which give a very faint glow to pale skin rather than making you look curiously orange.


pie · 12/05/2003 15:22

Although half Thai I have inherited my mothers very fair complexion (she is blonde) though I have my fathers dark hair and oriental features. Blooming brother and sister look like they have a permanent tan. Oh yeah I got my mums mumsy figure. Sister go dads tall and slim and is a freaking bloody model.

Ok rant over.

a vote for Lancome and No. 7

OP posts:

Tessie · 12/05/2003 15:23

I used self-tan through the summer months of my pregnancy and even managed to apply a good, even coat the day before I went into labour. Used Boots Soltan which is good although tends to come off onto your clothes a bit.


happyspider · 12/05/2003 15:23

Pie, I have asked various midwives and read a lot of articles and they all say that if you don't use the spray version self tanning products are very safe as they only work on the first layer of skin.

I have been using fake tan shamelessly since the 20th week of my pg (I am now at 37). I don't do my bump, but only my arms and legs, shoulders and face.
I don't bare my bump and breasts mind you, so I am fine, so I even look fine when I go swimming, but I am not wearing a bikini...

I have used Saint Tropez in the past, but then found that the colour on my face was not even after a couple of applications. I am now using Lancaster self tanning milk on my body and the self tanning gel on my face: they work a treat and don't stain clothes. You need to exfoliate and moisturize before you put it on, but then you can go out as it is not visile whereas Saint Tropez takes ages to develop and it does stain your clothes.


pie · 12/05/2003 15:25

So if no spray, a gel, milk or moose is fine?

OP posts:

happyspider · 12/05/2003 15:25

forgot to add that I use fake tan also to look least my legs do..


happyspider · 12/05/2003 15:28

I like the non coloured milk and the gel as they don't stain your clothes and you can go out or to bed and won't scare your dp or dh.
I used to use the saint tropez mousse, but it takes 4 hours to develop and you look like you haven't showered for a long time.
Spray apparentely not safe as you would be inhaling the gas that comes out when applying it.


edgarcat · 12/05/2003 16:25

Message withdrawn

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