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Please help me....what can i do?

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AngelCakeUmm · 24/05/2005 16:04

I have only poped on here to see if anyone can help me or give me advice.

I am 6 weeks pregnant and i feel really really bad like i have never ever felt before in my life!
I feel really really sick from the bottom of my stomach, i have not actually been sick yet but i am sure its not far away! I have a migraine like i have never experienced, my eyes are sore, i can not face any food whatsoever it all makes me want to puke literally and to top it off i keep having dizzy spells.

I am trying to look after my 2.8 yr old and this is proving very very hard, i managed to get him to playschool this morning but phoned my mum crying as i could not get out of bed as i felt that ill to pick him up! She had him till 2pm then dropped him back!

What can i do? Can i take any tablets? I thought you were not allowed to when pg? I think i may have to see the doctor but how i will manage to get there is beyond me!

I never felt like this when pg with my ds and i feel so upset cause i don't think i will make it through feeling like this

OP posts:
Evesmama · 24/05/2005 16:05

ring day unit of local hosp or get dh'dp home to take you to gp??

hope your ok

starlover · 24/05/2005 16:06

ok, well number one... get a home visit from the doctor.

2... can you drink anything? milk perhaps to line your stomach.

3. TRY and eat something... just a plain biscuit/cracker/slice of bread... i was terribly sick for the first trimester, but when I forced myself to eat something I often felt better.

4. You can take paracetamol, but it will probabl make you feel worse on an empty stomach!

Please phone someone (your mum again?) and get them to come round and help with your DS so that you can have a rest... lie in a dark room- should help with head!

Pamina3 · 24/05/2005 16:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starlover · 24/05/2005 16:07

meant to say... i really, really found the thought of food made me want to be sick.. but if you can just make yourself eat a tiny bit you might feel better (very difficult when you efel like puking though, i know!)

AngelCakeUmm · 24/05/2005 16:07

I take it that its normal to feel this bad this early in pregnancy??

I have phoned dp but he is miles and miles away from us hes up north working!

may phone hospital see what they say thanks

OP posts:
AngelCakeUmm · 24/05/2005 16:09

Starlover i have had some milk, and i tried to eat toast but retched when doing so, i know i need to eat but this is so hard.

OP posts:
starlover · 24/05/2005 16:11

yeah i know the feeling! milk is a start though... and you could try paracetamol to see if it takes any of the migraine away,
I actually was very rarely sick... just felt AWFUL the whole time... i wished that I would be sick, just to get rid of the feeling.

if you can stomach milk, then get some complan or something that will be a bit fulfilling. I was addicted to mcdonalds strawberry milkshake!

Evesmama · 24/05/2005 16:11

he might be near me then

i was extremely sickly when pg with dd, the thought and smell of food was disgusting..but actually eating it...something bland(or a kebab with chilli sauce for me) makes you feel better.

i would def get checked out tho to put your mind at rest

Sam116 · 24/05/2005 16:19

i was sick like that from week 7 up week 16..i was in hospital twice for 3days each time. i had sumthing called HG hyperemisis gravidum (alot of women get it)

i couldnt eat, drink, didnt have any energy, kept being sick couldnt keep anything down. im was SO weak.

Docs sent me home with sickness tabs and vitimins.

im now 18 weeks still being sick at least 3 times a week but its once a day reather then the
whole day, i also got my energy back.


emmatmg · 24/05/2005 16:20

Angel, I know exactly how you feel. I had exactly the same feeling with DS1.

I remember crying at the doctors because I felt so bad. There was nothing he could do though, I just had to soldier on. DH was was away on a training course for 9 weeks and was only home at weekends so I had no-one to look after was a nightmare.

I basically was living on dry cream crackers and water for about 3 weeks and like you, wasn't sick but felt very close to it all the time.

When I had morning sickness with ds2+3 I was amazed that I'd managed to get up and out of the house to go to work as with them is wasn't half as bad as it was with ds1.

Hope you feel better soon, mine lasted about 3 weeks so hopefully you'll be feeling human again soon.

Lizzylou · 24/05/2005 16:23

I suffered from migraines when pregnant (do occasionally normally but more frequent and violent when PG), and I was always nauseous if not sick with them, I had to take paracetomol and sleep it off, nothing else worked. That said, the 4Head stick is good, it's a herbal stick you rub on your head which helped sooth me when I couldn't get to bed for whatever reason.......

SleepyJess · 24/05/2005 16:23

You could try some Acupressure bands (for travel sickness) from Boots. They helped me. And nibbling slowly on something carbohydrates.. ready salted crisps in my case.. for most of the day. Not the healthiest of snacks by the MWs insisting I should eat what I could and what made me feel better.
((Reassuring hugs)) Angelcake xx

Thomcat · 24/05/2005 16:28

I was just about to suggest those bands.
I was like this but without migrane ofr a few days here and there, and Friday just gone was my worst day yet. I was filled with lead, and felt really depressed with it, i really sympathise. My forst pregancy was so easy this hasn't been very nice so far. Hang in theor kid. Call a mate, call you mum get all the support you can and you will come throught it. Get someone to get those wrist bands for you, eat ginger biuscuits, well nibble them slowly, drink lemon and ginger tea, ginsing tea or mint or fennel tea.
Lie down and do as little as poss. Put on DVDs for DD and you'll come throguth it, I know it';s awful but it all means that th bean is okay and you won't feel like this for ever.
HTH, juyst a rteeny biut, you're not alone in feeling like this abes.
TC x

Rachey1969 · 24/05/2005 16:29

Poor angelcake - I know how you feel, I am feeling really crappy, it is absolutely normal. Again if you do eat something light you will probably feel better - scrambled egg or an omelette is working for me (also crisps! ) You must make sure you drink plenty and if you do vomit you might feel better. IMO most pregnancy sickness is nausea and retching, its absolutely foul. I was sick in my hands this morning in the car! (my stomach was completely empty) I cannot stand the smell of cooking or even my kitchen when I open the back door! Is there anyone/a friend who will give you a break? If its any consolation sickness is supposed to show healthy hormone levels - maybe you are having twins?! I also have had hormonal migraines - you can take paracetamol only I'm afraid. The worst of it should pass by 3months. Take care!

Sam116 · 24/05/2005 16:29

Try eating ginger biscuits and try keep ur foods plain and easy 2 swallow, thats wat i was told first time i went docs....b4 finding out i had HG.

AngelCakeUmm · 24/05/2005 16:44

Thanks for all you msgs with such good advice i don't really have much idea what your allowed and what ur not, i just remember fro when pg with ds you can't take tablets.

I have been in bed resting all day, i can't even sleep at night i just nap here and there, i wake up through the night many many times with this same sick feeling and i am just tossing and turning all night. I think the whole lack of sleep, food etc is really catch me up now! I feel weak, sick and its making me feel down too.

First time i have had this migraine though today but i have been feeling sick for about 1 week but the last 2 days the worst.

Blimey if one more person mentions twins to me i think i will have to cry, god knows how i would cope with twins but hey thats life i would get through it. Dp dreamed we were having twins and they do run in my mums side of the family !

I will update all and i will try all the suggestions made i defo need to drink more as i feel a bit dehydrated already.

Thankyou again i new i could rely on you all for good advice and support xx

OP posts:
18mumtobe · 24/05/2005 17:50

awww im sorry to hear your having such a bad time of it angelcakeumm.
i was the same as you in the first few months with headaches and sickness so i know how you feel. it does get better but getting through this stage is hard.
this is my first pg so i never had any other little ones to worry about, if there is anyone you can call for some help then please do. coz if you try and do to much it will only make you feel worse.
i know you don't feel like eating but you must try because it will make you feel better, just try and eat little bits at a time. ginger biscuits may help with the sickness and you can take paracetamol for the headache and it is also ok to take migraleve tablets aswell, my pharmasists told me.
well hope you feel better soon and just keep telling yourself it will get better.

nutcracker · 24/05/2005 18:26

The very same thing happened to me at about 10 weeks pregnant with dd1. I had an awful headache and was actually sick several times (other than the several times due to ms).

You can take paracetamol but I do have another thing that may work for the headache but beware it will make you stink .

Basically get a peice of cloth (large hanky may do) and soak it in vinegar. Wring it out but make sure it is still quite wet, not dripping but not dry either. Then fold it length ways and place it across your forhead and lie down, preferably drop of to sleep too, and then when you wake, you will stink of vinegar, but your headache should of gone.

I knwo it sounds mad but I did this several times as I suffered with headaches alot in my first pregnancy, and it worked every time.

Lulibell · 26/05/2005 11:11

Dear AngelCakeUmm

Thoughts are with you. I'm just 7 weeks pregnant (my first) and I don't have a todler to cope with too, but for the last 4 weeks I have been almost unable to get out of bed so exhausted. Also, I thought I was going completely mad (as did my husband), since all irrationality had dissappeard and I just cried nearly all the time. When I realised I was pregant, it made sense that my hormones were raging around my body making me so nutty. Rest and sleep vital. I've read/heard that reflexology can help sickness and that you can do this yourself (or your partner) by massaging your feet and hands, mainly the webby bid inbetween your toes and fingers. Reading a good book called 'What to expect when your expecting'. Hope things improve with you soon - the word is that by 12 weeks things should improve. As others have said, get help if you can and try and rest as much as you can... xx

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