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Anyone Due June onwards?

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Dahlia · 12/05/2003 13:29

I thought I would take HappySpider's advice and start a new thread - I am due 21st June - longest day, ha ha. I have put on 4 stone, and have hideously swollen ankles, terrible heartburn, and cannot sleep. DD is 7 and is absolutely off her head with excitement at prospect of a little brother/sister. Jessi, if your're there, the milk tip isn't really working, its like a quick fix but then after 5 minutes the heartburn is back.

OP posts:

happyspider · 12/05/2003 15:17

Well done Dahlia, you have more guts than me..
I am due beginning of June, swollen ankles have been a constant of my pg, so I am not shocked by them anymore.
I have gone up a few dress sizes of course, but what really freaked me out was that I am now a size 8... but only as far as my feet are concerned and used to be 6 and half! Hope this is only temporary.
I am a first time mum-to-be and I am still working and will be working till the end of the month if I can, any tip if I go into labour in the office??


happyspider · 12/05/2003 15:42

Hi Dahlia
there is a new thread on Babies due June/July, guess everybody is using that one??
see u in there

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