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lozzawoo · 22/05/2005 01:06

I am going to see my GP on Monday but have been putting it off for a while cause I thought it was normal but when reading the messages on pregnancy and miscarriage I need some advice.
At the end of March I felt as if I was pregnant but my cycle came but very heavy which I have never experienced b4. Nearly two months on and dont know whether it is just my system all to pot. Would GP Be able to tell if I have had a m/c with it being a while back???? Please help!!!!

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Skribble · 22/05/2005 01:27

Hi I'm not really best to help on this but here goes.

He might not be able to tell if you were but will be able to work out advise on the probability. Apparantlly it is more commen than we realise, a lot of woman just get an unusually heavy period and think nothing of it, egg just wasn't meant to be and body carries on.

Sorry that sounds a bit blunt don't mean to be.

lozzawoo · 22/05/2005 01:35

No its fine. That is what I think has happened but dont know if I will just be wasting the GP'S time

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suzywong · 22/05/2005 01:55

Skribble is right, it happens quite a lot I think, it's just that once you've been PG and known about it you are more aware of your body I think, otherwise you would just think it was a heavyier than usual period.

I don't think a GP could tell if you had been PG over 2 months ago. Do you have any other problems or is it just a need to know if you were PG?

NotQuiteCockney · 22/05/2005 09:20

There is very little (ok, nothing) that docs can do about a miscarriage that's happening now, never mind one that happened a few months back. I've had two miscarriages, and I have had scans to make sure everything's gone, but docs really don't do anything about these things - there's nothing they can do. If you're bleeding really really heavily they need to be involved, but otherwise, it's just one of those things.

Are your cycles back to normal now?

Joseyjo · 22/05/2005 10:07

I had a similar thing at Christmas - a very heavey period (scarey heavy) that started about a week late. I didn't go to the GP as i couldn't see the point. I went for a smear about a week later and mentioned it to the nurse. She confirmed my suspicions that it probably was a mc but that no-one would need to be involved unless it happened three times or more. Then they would start by testing to ensure i was ovulating and then assume that if I was, that i was falling and then mc'ing each time. fortunatley it did not happen again and i fell pregnant 2 weeks after the heavy period at chrismtas (amazingly!). if you have persistent problems with v heavy late periods or you are still really irregular, then i would go to the gp for a chat if nothing else. he may not be able to help, but you won't know until you ask. he should be able to give you a pointer from your description of your experience.
hope that helps and good luck!

lozzawoo · 22/05/2005 12:06

Hi Suziwong!

Yeah I have aa two year old and normally my cycle is fine and on time but it was just different and a couple of months on and something just doesnt feel right.

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lozzawoo · 22/05/2005 12:08

Thanks Josejo!

At the moment my cycle is on time but everytime I am either having it for two weeks light or really heavy. Hope the doc can put my mind at ease

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lozzawoo · 22/05/2005 12:11

Hi notquitecockney!

Love the name lol....
My cycle lasts for about two weeks each time but is always on time and one week it can be light and the next heavy Hope doc can help.

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