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Insomnia, snoring, heartburn - help, someone, please!!!

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Cha · 09/05/2003 12:16

This week has been hell. I haven't slept more than 2-3 hours a night and that has been broken into tiny snippets. I feel like death. I am 23 weeks pregnant and suffer from outrageous heartburn - am 'sleeping' (ho ho) half way up a mountain of pillows and guzzling Gaviscon by the bucket load.
The other problem is dp has hayfever and is hence snoring for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the colonies. I have never been able to sleep with the sound of snoring going on, and he is usually very quiet. But a combination of him having a stuffy nose and me waking up all the time with heartburn, the need to wee and / or bad back from sleeping half way up said mountain side, mean that once I am awake, I can't go back to sleep. Have tried sleeping in dd's room but MY snoring (side effect of pregancy is yet another stuffy nose) wakes HER up and with the very light mornings she thinks 'goody, it's time to get up' (at 5.30 this am....).
Is there anything that he / we could take to stop the snoring? And if not, can anyone recommend good ear plugs. The ones I have (nasty little yellow squishy things the size of the end of your little finger) take about five hours to get in and then you can STILL hear the snoring.
Any suggestions welcome.

OP posts:

SofiaAmes · 09/05/2003 23:17

oh poor cha...i can totally empathize....I had a very similar pregnancy complete with snoring dh. Try giving dp an antihistamine to help with the snoring. Don't eat within 4 hours of bedtime. Try chewing on ice and/or frozen fruit to help with the heartburn and isomnia. I found the yellow squishy ear plugs are the only ones that are comfortable enough for sleeping. I kept a cheerful easyread book by the bed and read to by the light of the street lamp outside. Don't get angry and try to force yourself to only makes it worse. Only 17 weeks left to go!!!


Wills · 10/05/2003 13:02

Cha - In terms of heartburn/indidgestion I'm with you all the way (apart from the fact that I can't stand gaviscon). (I'm 25 wks)

My dh has always snored and I use the yellow foam ear plugs very successfully - from Boots. I also kick him black and blue and get him to sleep downstairs. My dd also snores - extremely similar nose to her daddy! so when both of them are in my bed its awful. We bought her a starter bed (mainly because she's currently in the smallest room in the house) and boy do I regret it now because I have no where to escape! We're moving her into the other room (a double) where we will buy her a normal single so in a few weeks time I will at least have an escape route. For the indigestion I'm currently nursing a hot cup of chocolate made with skimmed milk (not a fan of hot milk on its own). Its good to clutch and feel sorry for yourself over. I can't abide gaviscon but have just bought some Tums and am about to try those as the hot chocolates have GOT to stop because my bottom is definitely spreading!!! Time of eating doesn't seem to make a difference - rather length of time between food and since I hadn't eaten since 7.15 this morning I am of course now paying for it. I've taken to carrying health bars around in my handbag, just need to remember to eat them. Its also worse if I wear anything even slightly tight across my tummy.


Getting up to go to the loo is getting sooo boring that I'm currently counting the number of times to see whether its something I've done during the day that makes a difference. It varies from 15 times (a recent high point in my life) to 1 (when of course I immediately panic about the baby and start prodding it awake just to check). I suspect I should not drink so much in the evenings.

Not brilliant suggestions but certainly understanding how you're feeling.

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