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Insomnia, snoring, heartburn - help, someone, please!!!

8 replies

Cha · 09/05/2003 12:15

This week has been hell. I haven't slept more than 2-3 hours a night and that has been broken into tiny snippets. I feel like death. I am 23 weeks pregnant and suffer from outrageous heartburn - am 'sleeping' (ho ho) half way up a mountain of pillows and guzzling Gaviscon by the bucket load.
The other problem is dp has hayfever and is hence snoring for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the colonies. I have never been able to sleep with the sound of snoring going on, and he is usually very quiet. But a combination of him having a stuffy nose and me waking up all the time with heartburn, the need to wee and / or bad back from sleeping half way up said mountain side, mean that once I am awake, I can't go back to sleep. Have tried sleeping in dd's room but MY snoring (side effect of pregancy is yet another stuffy nose) wakes HER up and with the very light mornings she thinks 'goody, it's time to get up' (at 5.30 this am....).
Is there anything that he / we could take to stop the snoring? And if not, can anyone recommend good ear plugs. The ones I have (nasty little yellow squishy things the size of the end of your little finger) take about five hours to get in and then you can STILL hear the snoring.
Any suggestions welcome.

OP posts:

pie · 09/05/2003 12:20

Quies Ear Plugs work for me, they are luminous and cone shaped so I find them easier to insert in the middle of the night.

My husband is the worst snorer, I find the only thing, if I don't want to use the earplugs, that works is yelling at him to lie flat on his stomach. Maybe this stops too much oxygen getting to his face

If you find anything that truly works let me know!


Lulu41 · 09/05/2003 14:22

I feel for you Cha - as I too have a really crap week sleepwise my problem being 29 weeks is that night waking to go to the loo and then trying to get back to sleep whilst listening to Dp breathing/snoring. I agree about those yellow ear plugs absolute crap. Sorry cant be much help but do sympathise - hope you get some sleep soon (me too) x


colette · 09/05/2003 15:07

I know just how you feel slep deprivation changes your personality- I am 32 weeks and sleep for maybe 4-5 hours a night tops .
The only thing I can add is I find heartburn is affected alot by what u eat. Large mealS ,fatty /spicy foods and orange juice set me off . Drinking milk seems to help. Sorry if I'm stating the bleeding obvious"!!
I find it helps to lie on a quilt ( a mumsnetter suggested this)as it support your a bump a bit and pillows keep moving around. Any other tips really welcome.
Pie where do you get quies earplugs I am also unimpressed by the squidgy yellow ones!


colette · 09/05/2003 15:08

Sorry about my spelling


SamboM · 09/05/2003 15:11

Oh all you lovely mums-to-be, it's good practice for getting up 5 x a night when your bundles arrive!

Seriously though, I remember this being hell and i went to M&S, bought the squashiest pillows I could and surrounded myself with them. Drank a pint of milk in bed and kept some rich tea biccys on the bedside table to nibble in the night. Gallons of Gaviscon Extra were good too.

As for snoring, when my Dh does it I hold his nostrils together until he wakes up suffocating and then tell him to roll over!


Cha · 09/05/2003 17:32

Just tried to get myself an afternoon nap - been asleep for about 20 mins when the f***g dog went balistic at the infamous No One At The Door, waking both me and dd. She went back to sleep. I did not. Resorted to Mumsnet to relax and stop myself from hurling dog out of window.
What are those Quies earplugs and where can you get them? Also,aren't there some kind of nose pegs you can get? Getting poor dp to wear it would be another problem all together...

OP posts:

pie · 09/05/2003 17:45

SamboM, as my DD, DH and I only have one bedroom, I have never got out of practice getting up half the night as DD is a terrible sleeper (I blame DH's snoring)!

colette, I buy the quies in independent pharmacies, they can have quite a range of earplugs, unlike boots which stocks 2 at the most.


pie · 09/05/2003 17:47

oh yes, and I too have had to resort to the afternoon nap and I find the heartburn isn't as bad in the afternoon.

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