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Round ligament pain.

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pie · 09/05/2003 09:05

When I was pregnant with DD I got very bad round ligament pain, infact at 20 weeks the hospital brought me in just to check I wasn't in premature labour. I'm just over 17 weeks now and the pain has been around for just over a week now.

I read somewhere that sudden movements or strain on thes ligament, such as standing up to quickly, can put extra stress. I've had occasional really sharp pains almost like a stitch at certain times. Could this be the extra stress on the ligaments?

I have sciatica but that has only been in my back and leg, could the pain in the front be part of the nerve pain?

Anyone know how to ease the pain of a stretching uterus generally? I really dread it getting as bad as it did last time.

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