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Indigestion - any advice on good ways of curing it? ... Pleeeease

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Wills · 06/05/2003 21:30

I've recently started chronic indigestion (is this the same heartburn) and its awful. I'm lucky in that I've not suffered from it everyday but oh boy when I do.... I'm crap at taking medicines (liquids)as I hate having something in my mouth so even even the gaviscon suckables make me want to heave! I've now resorted to breaking them up into small pieces and swallowing them with water which can't be as good. Hot drinks sometimes soothes things but does anyone have any other suggestions? The worst thing is that I'm currently starving hungry but I'm under the impression that eating will only make things worse - is this true?

OP posts:

Girly · 06/05/2003 21:32

Warm milk before bed used to help me.


Claireandrich · 06/05/2003 21:33

I used to live by Gaviscon whilst oregnant. You might be pleased to note that as soon as DD was born I never had it again!

Milk is supposed to be good at neutralising the acids. Or just plain simple water.


beetroot · 06/05/2003 21:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

mouli · 06/05/2003 21:44

I suffered terribly with heartburn too-the only problem in a wonderfully healthy pregnancy. Indigestion tablets are revolting, you have to have Gaviscon liquid its the only thing that works. I lived on it!!


SamboM · 06/05/2003 21:55

I had awful heartburn too, Gaviscon EXTRA is the only thing that works. Also drink a pint of milk before going to bed, although if you are pregnant that usually results in 10 trips to the loo during the night, which I found pref to heartburn!


Mum2Toby · 06/05/2003 21:56

I was prescribed Maalox... and used to swig it from the bottle constantly!!

I never suffered much before being pregnant. But 2 years on myyyyyyyyy God it's still here!! But I'm drinking much more alcohol now...

Soory.... that probably wasn't what you needed to hear!!!

Shut up M2T... go back the YURT.


SofiaAmes · 06/05/2003 22:41

wills are you pregnant? If so, gulping large amounts of gaviscon is the only solution. Eating small amounts all the time will also help. Leaving your stomach empty will not. Giving birth is the only real solution.
If you are not pregnant go and see your gp and get tested for helico bacter (sp?). There is a simple cure for it and all your indigestion problems will disappear.


bubbly · 06/05/2003 22:51

I used to keep a cup of milk by the bed ( in warmer weather I kept it in a thermos)and then take small sips. Plus sleeping propped up can help


miggy · 06/05/2003 23:24

Another vote for Gaviscon. I had never had heartburn/indigestion before I was pregnant. Took me ages to work out what that horrible sensation was.
Isnt peppermint tea supposed to help- I tried it but couldnt finish 2 mouthfuls-might work for you though.


jasper · 06/05/2003 23:41

Wills I tried EVERYTHING but got no relief till my consultant prescribed Zantac (Ranitidine). Some docs are reluctant to prescribe it but my dear consultant said there was no evidence it was in any way harmful.
It worked like a charm. I took it in the last few weeks of my first pregnancy and practically from the start of my other 2.

Good luck.
Indigestion/heartburn is horrid.


motherinferior · 07/05/2003 08:28

I've found something that works for me - acupuncture. Mind you, I already have acupuncture for other things (horrible sinusitis mainly) so it may be that my system's used to it - but my acupuncturist said helpfully she'd 'try something for the heartburn' last Weds and very much to my surprise it seems to have done most of the trick. Might be worth a try?


MrsS · 07/05/2003 08:31

Hi Wills

I have had fairly minor pregnancy indegestion with both pregnancies. I noticed that it was only certain foods that caused it so it might be worth seeing if you can isolate the main culprits. As for most of the people in this thread, Gaviscon tablets worked for me but I agree they taste terrible. I think the lemon ones are slightly more palatable that the mint.


isbee · 07/05/2003 10:22

I suffered with this too - if its any consolation I threw up a lot with it too so it could be worse. Gaviscon worked for me but I note that you hate it. Sipping hot liquid helped - you could try peppermint tea, I also found that ginger helped. Take some fresh ginger, chop it in bits, into the teapot and pour boiling water on it (of course you have to like ginger for this to help). Re food because of the throwing up I stuck to simple stuff - mashed potatoe and ice cream were both good.


Marina · 07/05/2003 10:36

Wills, I have noticed that mine is flaring up if I eat either rich food (boo hoo, no luscious M & S curries) or after about 6.30pm in the evening. I had a hideous week last week where the heartburn seemed constant. Although I am only drinking (caffeine-free, low tannin) redbush tea, I found cutting this out for a few days and switching to peppermint tea did help. And a few nights of eating ridiculously early cleared it up (for now).
Sorry to hear you are suffering too and hope that some of these suggestions help. I was interested to hear that one consultant was prepared to prescribe Zantac as I cannot stand Gaviscon in any form either. I will keep that piece of info up my sleeve!


Jaybee · 07/05/2003 10:48

Whilst pregnatnt with dd I used to eat my evening meal either standing up at the kitchen worktop or kneeling high against a coffee table - basically, elongating yourself to make the most room for your stomach. I then didn't sit down for at least an hour after eating, nice evening walks with ds and left dh with the clearing away. I also drank lots of fruit teas.


ThomCat · 07/05/2003 12:27

I carried Gaviscon liquid with me EVERYWHERE, I never wanted to be without it and stashed bottles at friends and at work etc etc. Thankk God for Gaviscon!


Spanna · 07/05/2003 12:40

Try TUMS. I used to buy them in huge bottles. They are just a simple antacid but worked well for me. And they taste like Refreshers so are nice to take!!


griffy · 07/05/2003 13:13

I can't believe nobody's mentioned Rennies - I thought they were great.


Daffy · 07/05/2003 13:19

When I was pg I had terrible indigestion and found the only thing that helped was Gaviscon, took it everywhere with me. If I let myself get hungry the indegestion seemed to get much worse so I used to carry digestive bisuits around with me as well. Couldn't drink my usual fruit, teas or anything else for that matter, so had to stick to cold water and made it slightly more interesting with a small slice of lemon in it. Night time was a problem as well, it was best to sleep propped up on a pillow. The worst news was that it lasted all my pg, hope that yours doesn't and that some of my suggestions may be of help to you. Let us know how you get on.


Cha · 07/05/2003 16:34

We love Gaviscon!!!!! And pints and pints of full fat milk. But, apart from that - and I have posted on this before - fresh pineapple is actually rather good. I read about it in a childcare book which said it was 'infallible'. And I suppose it is, though not nearly as convenient as a swig of Gaviscon. Tinned or juice don't work, only the fresh stuff.
My comiserations - have had vile, sizzling acid up the gullet from the day of conception until the day of birth with both pregnancies and it is just soul destroying. But don't suffer womanfully as I did, thinking that things like Gaviscon weren't good for the baby. It was my dear GP who said that she used to swig it between patients when she was pregnant that made me change my mind. Don't know what i would do without it now!


crystaltips · 07/05/2003 16:47

Oh yes Spanna !

SETTLERS TUMS - and they are fruit flavoured !!


tinyfeet · 07/05/2003 17:13



kaz33 · 07/05/2003 17:16

Me too, just started to get it - kept me up most of last night, just been to chemist to stock up on Gaviscon.

Probably, my sh*t diet doesnt' help either.


pie · 07/05/2003 17:18

Another vote for Gaviscon liquid here, lived on it in my last pregnancy and have already got through my first bottle this time around.

I have to say I almost gagged on it the first time I took it, but now I can't imagine going to bed without it.

I think that not eating regulary makes it worse, all that extra stomach acid needs some outlet.

I will try the fresh pineapple tomorrow though, sounds yummier than gaviscon!


Wills · 07/05/2003 17:38

You've been brilliant. OK, still breaking up the gaviscon pills and taking them with water but they've not been that effective. Extremely glad to read that its possibly because I'm not eating regularly. It seems to me that if I've gone a while between eating i.e. breakfast at 7.00 followed by a full morning and no snack that by the time it gets to 11.30 I have a small period of feeling starving and then the indegestion starts and I daren't touch food because it only gets worse. Milk is definitely working but I'm not a keen warm milk drinker and have therefore been drinking hot chocolate. The milk is skimmed but overall I'm gonna have to cut those out else I'm going to end up looking like a whale at the end of this. Same goes for digestive biscuits - they're my favourite and I couldn't guarantee a packet lasting more than a day ending up with a similar result to the hot chocolates

Always liked Refreshers so will definitely go and buy a packet of Tums and try them out.

Also going to watch what I'm eating to see if something there is making it particularly bad or its the time of day. Jaybee - I like the idea of a walk but to be honest when I get in from work I'm so shattered at the moment all I want to do is flop

isbee - started gagging with it today so I'm hoping that I can get on top of this asap!

Thanks to everyone - I shall definitely start trying out your suggestions.

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