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Low placenta quick advice needed

2 replies

MaggieW · 06/05/2003 20:30

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have a low placenta (scan today - apparently not completely covering cervix - just 1.5cm over). I'm seeing the Dr tomorrow but want to know what has happened to others in this situation as would v much like to avoid c section.

OP posts:

pupuce · 06/05/2003 20:38

Mears or Leese should answer this one but I would have thought you have another 3 weeks before panic time...
If they feel you need a cesarian you may be asked to spend the last week (before a planned section) in the antenatal ward if it is felt that you cannot go into spontaneous labour....
To me it doesn't sound like it is section time just yet !


mears · 07/05/2003 09:50

No need to panic as yet MaggieW. The lower segment of the womb is forming now so the placenta might 'appear' to move upwards. Caesarean section is needed when the placenta completely covers the cervix or covers most of it. It sounds likely that yours will not be too much of a problem. Hope the doctor can reassure you today.

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