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Kicking - If a lot then significant that its a boy??? - similar to linea negra thread

15 replies

Wills · 06/05/2003 17:34


I'm currently expecting (hopefully) my second in August and one extremely marked difference between this and the last pregnancy is the amount of kicking. I'm only 24 weeks and already rarely get up less than 6 times a night because the little one is kicking so much. It kicks pretty much 24hrs a day although the strongest ones are at night. This is a marked difference to my first pregnancy which resulted in my dd and everyone around me is prediciting a girl. So to those mumsnetters out there with at least a boy and a girl... Did the boy kick more???? I'm desperate to know!

OP posts:

Wills · 06/05/2003 17:35

Blast - I meant everyone is predicting a BOY.

OP posts:

kaz33 · 06/05/2003 17:41

DS1 - hardly kicked, this one is kicking like a mule and its also meant to be a boy. So no help.


Tamz77 · 06/05/2003 18:47

I heard somewhere that boys kick, girls wriggle...this being my first I'm not quite sure of the difference, not that I'd believe it even if I did.


Mum2Toby · 06/05/2003 19:10

I've only got the one and he's a boy! But MY GOODNESS did he kick!! He never stopped and later on it hurt.

The Midwives were amazed at the length of time he was active for and how vigorously he moved!!!

Strangely enough he is a very mellow child.... perhaps he's been spending too much time in Mummy's Yurt.


Rachael17 · 06/05/2003 19:15

heya im 11weeks now an ive been told by my mum an everybody else whos had a baby that they start to kick at about 17 weeks
i jus wondered wat a kick felt like so i know wat it is wen it happens otherwise im bound to worry that somethin is wrong
ive been like it for the past few weeks im paranoid about everything


SoupDragon · 06/05/2003 19:20

Kind of like wind to start with and eventually like someone's kicking you in the ribs/bladder/back I remember seeing something sticking out of my stomach with DS1 at about 18 weeks so I knew what I was feeling!


Claireandrich · 06/05/2003 19:43

I had a little girl a year ago and she NEVER stopped moving about - wriggling, kicking, turning, the lot.


mears · 06/05/2003 20:20

You feel a baby move much earlier in a second pregnancy that you do in a first. Girls move just as much as boys I am afraid! Back to the drawing board


Wills · 06/05/2003 21:13

Ah well it was worth asking. I actually don't care what this is as eventually I'd like two girls and one boy (only a dd at the moment) so the pressure's not on. Not that I truely care in the end. Its just that this one is permanently on the move and at 24 weeks I'm a little surprised. Still, considering how neurotic I've been over this one its probably doing its best to help me relax (ish).

OP posts:

Rachael17 · 07/05/2003 11:48

ok i dont wanna sound dumb but wat do all the acronyms mean like dd and dh an ds


pupuce · 07/05/2003 11:51

Dear Daughter
Dear Son
Dear Husband/Partner
SIL sister-in-law
MIL... mother...


Rachael17 · 07/05/2003 14:21

thank u
know i know wat ppl r talkin about
jus gotta learn all the things in the damn pregnancy notes everything is so confusing


lisaj · 07/05/2003 19:32

Having had both a boy and a girl, I have to say that the girl definitely kicked far more than the boy, so sorry to disagree with your theory!


monkey · 08/05/2003 08:10

Raechel17, I ime (in my experience) 17 weeks was too early to feel things. I didn't feel ds2 until 20 weeks. As mears says, you usually feel the 2nd earlier but I still didn't feel him till 20 weeks - I was getting very paranoid!

Mine both seemed to rear up their heads and try and burst through, rather than the traditional kicking. As ds1 was breech I had an enormous hard mini-football bursting out from under my ribs - not at all the most comfortable of feelings.

Mil used to describe how she could see her ds's foot (now happily my dh) tracing its way across her belly, but I never got a distinct body part.


whymummy · 08/05/2003 11:35

my ds kicked like hell i really thought he was going to break my ribs,my second a dd never stopped moving,kept doing somersaults she wouldnt even stop for the scans,and shes still like that 3 years on

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