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outfits for special functions (before the bump is massive)???????

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sweetheart · 16/05/2005 11:22

I have a problem which I need to solve fairly quick and wondered if you wonderful ladies had any ideas.

I have 3 functions coming up in the next 2 months. A christening (at which I am a godparent) a hen day/night (which is somewhere very posh) and a wedding (which is also very posh).

The trouble is I can't really just buy one outfit for all 3 as a few guests from the wedding will be at the christening and obviously everyone on the hen night will be at the wedding. So what do I do???? I can't really afford to buy 3 outfits so I figured I'd get two but I'll be 14wks at the christening and 18/19 weeks for the hen night/wedding so I think my size may have changed and I'm not sure maternity stuff will fit?!?!?!?!?

I've looked at some websites but haven't found anything inspiring - any ideas???????

OP posts:
robin3 · 16/05/2005 11:36

Doubt you'll need anything 'maternity' for the 14 week engagement....I didn't show much at all at this stage. Maybe get a stretchy top and wear a normal jacket over the top?

For the others try clothes.

dinosaur · 16/05/2005 11:41

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

jessicasmummy · 16/05/2005 11:43

im 17 weeks and its my bro's wedding on saturday. I am obviously bigger this time anyway, because jess is still quite young.

i have bought a skirt and top from next maternity for the wedding - looks very comfortable, and felt good when i tried it on a few weeks ago - since having the old appendix out on friday tho, im hoping the waistband doesnt rub too much!

sweetheart · 16/05/2005 11:54

thanks for the offer dinosar but I'm one of those that thinks both black and white are wrong for a wedding.

jessicam, hope your recovering from your op!!!
Perhaps it's time to hit the shops!!!

OP posts:
dinosaur · 16/05/2005 11:59

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

jessicasmummy · 16/05/2005 12:01

check out the next website, as you will be lucky to find a next shop that does the maternity stuff in store - mostly online now.

i got a pink skirt and white top, which will go lovely with my pink poncho!(SHOCK HORROR!)

im good thanks - getting there anyway!

mummygow · 16/05/2005 12:16

dont know what your style is like but the gypsy skirts that are all in fashion just now are great as most have elasticated waist bands - I am 16 weeks this week and have been wearing them for about 5 weeks now as they are so comfortable and grow with your bump and they are available in all styles from plain coloured for everyday to fancy and sequinced for nights or days out!!

sweetheart · 16/05/2005 12:18

Unfortunatly I've got quite large hips/bum so the gypsy skirts look terrible on me.

I had a look at the Next website and it seems to be all T-shirts and jeans - nothing fancy.

I wish H&M had a better website so I could browse their maternity stuff online.

OP posts:
mummygow · 16/05/2005 12:23

oh sweetheart good luck its so hard - during my first preg I had birthday parties, hen weekends and weddings and I was fortunate my mum took me to formes and onto and bought me afew outfits otherwise I would have been stuck too!!

I'll keep looking and thinking for you

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