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Baby engaging/engaged - is it normal for movements to get less and more gentle?

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laughorcry · 16/05/2005 10:55

Am 37 weeks and a couple of weeks ago the baby was 3/5 engaged, and I feel that he has got lower, so guess he is totally engaged.

For the last couple of days his movements have got fewer and seem somehow weaker. Am still getting more than 12 a day so it doens't seem worth calling the midwife, but it is a bit worrying. All the usual triggers don't seem to work so well.

Could it be because he has engaged? Anyone else had this?

OP posts:
Kelly1978 · 16/05/2005 10:57

As they get bigger the movemnts can get a little less as they don't have so much room to move, but you should call the midwife if you are worried, even if it's jsut for a chat.

Preggars · 16/05/2005 10:59

They do move less once they are engaged (I'm 39 weeks now), but if you are at all unsure, just nip up the maternity monitoring unit and you can sit and listen to the heartbeat, which is very comforting.

dinosaur · 16/05/2005 10:59

I think you should contact your midwife now. I don't want to frighten you, but I honestly think that it is much better to be safe than sorry.

You will probably find that as you walk in the hospital doors, he starts to leap like a salmon! But please, ring the midwife now.

lockets · 16/05/2005 11:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

bubbaloo · 16/05/2005 11:09

hi there,
im also 37 weeks pg and the movements have slowed down.when i told my midwife she said as long as i can still count 10 a day then thats quite normal,so i wouldnt worry too much but by all means contact your midwife if it puts your mind at rest

berolina · 16/05/2005 11:40

Hi there.
Another 37-weeker here - I've also experienced less movement over the last week or so, although it isn't always really 'less' movement, but just a different kind - not so many 'kicks', but rather pushing, stretching or (believe it or not) hiccups. It can be hard, at first, to identify these kinds of movement for what it is. I would think you have nothing to worry about, but I know the kinds of thoughts that are probably going round your head, so maybe pop to the MW to put your mind at rest.
All the best

laughorcry · 16/05/2005 11:47

Thanks all,

Have put a call in, and waiting for her to get back to me. Am comforted by other 37 weekers and preggars. Berolina, the hiccups was one of the things that worried me slightly - he has been getting hiccups twice a day for the last few weeks and they have also been getting less.

Really grateful for all the responses - it's getting harder and harder to tell what is pregnancy paranoia and what is worth worrying about!

OP posts:
Frizbe · 16/05/2005 11:48

laughorcry, there is no such thing as pregnancy paranoia, your simply being a Mum

Preggars · 16/05/2005 16:07


My DS1 used to get tons of hiccups. He used to get them loads after he was born too! I've not had so many this time.

My little bump is ever so quiet today too. I had a show this morning, so expect its because labours imminent. I'm going to lie flat on my back in a minute, as she always wriggles about when I do that.

laughorcry · 16/05/2005 17:16

Wow preggars - good luck. It occurred to me that the quiet might be a sign of action stations as well, although I was hoping junior would wait a couple of weeks yet.

Hope all goes really well for you if this is it.

The baby has definitely been moving more since I posted! So was slightly embarrassed when I spoke to the midwife.

Am also feeling a new sensation today - this may sound a bit weird, but the only way I can describe it is that it's a bit like someone else clenching my buttocks for me! DH says he can't imagine what I mean, so wondering if anyone else felt this?

OP posts:
Preggars · 16/05/2005 18:17

Is it like backache? Could be pelvis moving, things getting ready. My friend had her DS1 at 37 weeks, so could be another sign.

Good luck to you... exciting isn't it.

laughorcry · 16/05/2005 19:34

Hi Preggars - not really like backache. Doesn't hurt, just very surprising each time it happens.

Exciting is one word for it! Have you had any more signs yet?

OP posts:
CharBell · 16/05/2005 19:51

What is classed as a 'movement' - if you are counting ten, can they be 10 separate wriggles close together or do they have to be at different times of the day?

laughorcry · 16/05/2005 21:52

I've wondered that, Charbell. My baby has "clumps" of movements a few times a day when he moves for a while. I think that it is just twelve altogether - so theoretically you might get all twelve or more in a clump (although to be honest I would be a bit worried if he was only having one bout of moving a day).

Junior has spent the whole of this evening moving like he's squirming for England - am wondering whether all the various things I tried earlier are all working at once.

I did have a lot of ice cream (it's a tough job being pregnant).

Or maybe its the power of posting on Mumsnet....

OP posts:
Preggars · 17/05/2005 10:35

Hi Laughorcry

Things are happening. I am killing time now as Mum is over to mind DS1, and have been to hospital already as contractions started at 1.30am! They sent me home as am just 1 1/2 centimetres dialated.

They are coming every 8 minutes, but they don't want me in until they hurt and are 5 mins apart..

Didn't mean to abduct your thread, sorry.

laughorcry · 17/05/2005 17:59

Sorry, preggars, missed this and wonder where you are now.

Hope all is going well for you.

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