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first time mum-to-be advice needed!

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nervousmum2be · 15/05/2005 01:05

Hi, i'm 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby and i'm really worried about ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!! The pregnancy was a complete shock, i've been really paranoid about things going wrong (all stems from me having early bleeding at 8 weeks....), and to top it all off i've been told i have to have a C section delivery as i had a nasty back injury at the end of last year which hasn't completely healed. ALL advice would be gratefully received. Thanks x

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kama · 15/05/2005 01:28

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kama · 15/05/2005 01:29

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busyalexsmummy · 15/05/2005 01:51

Sleep well, eat as healthy as you can, start going to groups if your not already-nct/antenatal classes etc, read up as much as you can, get us much support off family and friends as you can and relax, try yoga/gentle swimming/wallowing in the bath. gd luck. smile x

ghosty · 15/05/2005 01:57

Don't worry about having a c-section ... it isn't as bad as you may think
The only thing about my c-sections that makes me sad is that I will never know what it is like to give birth naturally, but in the scheme of things, two healthy children and a healthy mummy is what counts!

jessicasdaddy · 15/05/2005 07:35

hello nm2b.

just do what jessicasmummy did and buy pregnancy magazines( all of them) they got all the info you will need.

and relax and go with the flow all will be fine

Magscat · 15/05/2005 07:51

Hi there Nervous & congratulations. You might want to narrow your request for advice - you'll get more on here than you can ever digest .

Agree with what everyone has said so far though. I.e. relax, sleep, eat & drink well - no need to become a complete health freak but sensible eating & loads of water is a good idea - will help with energy levels. Swimming & yoga (for pregnant women) are excellent and definately finding out what to expect and what the various technical terms mean so you know what the professionals are on about is a good idea.

I've had 2 c-sections: 1 emergency & one elective. Both turned out great & I was only in hospital 3 nights for 1st & then 2 nights with 2nd. I'd never been in hosp before & was terrified 1st time but it was fine.

Good luck

anchovies · 15/05/2005 08:06

The only advice I can give you is to try your very best to enjoy your pregnancy. I was very stressed and worried and looking back it really spoilt the experience. Now I wish I'd taken more time for myself, do exactly as the others on here have said. If I had my time again I would get loads and loads of sleep! I would also do some classes and meet other mums to be.

Twiglett · 15/05/2005 08:13

early bleeding can be fairly normal in lots of pregnancies - I certainly had it. Please don't worry based on that

I have had 2 c-sections and I must say that once you get used to the idea they are totally fabulous - back on your feet next day no gory 'I can't sit down' stories, walking normally within a week and beautifully medicated

Do you have a 20 - 23 week scan coming up? that will really reassure you it is so amazing to see the baby you will have look so real

there's nothing really to advise - live your life as you wish (with minor moderations), follow the pre-natal advice and enjoy it

if you really can't relax then try a massage or go swimming or try hypnotherapy

nervousmum2be · 15/05/2005 20:48

Thanks everybody, advice much appreciated. Yes, Twiglett, i've got my 22 week scan coming up on the 3rd of June. Hopefully everything will be ok, but there is a history of hole-in-the-heart on male sides of the family. Still, i'd rather know now, so i can prepare myself for the possibility of Baby potentially needing surgery. All scans so far have been fine, so fingers crossed....I think once that scan's done i'll relax into my pregnancy a little more.

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