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how not to gain too much weight during first trimester?

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tinyfeet · 01/05/2003 23:07

With my first pregnancy, I suffered horrible morning sickness, and I ate everything in sight just so as not to get nauseous. I ended up gaining something like 40 pounds during my first trimester alone. The morning sickness lasted from weeks 6 to 12, textbook pregnancy. I am now 5 weeks pregnant, and I am DETERMINED not to gain that much weight this time around. Can anyone give me some advice on how NOT to gain weight, but have a healthy pregnancy and stave off morning sickness? I should add that I suffered badly of PPD after DD was born - I believe the PPD was exacerbated by my weight.

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sibble · 02/05/2003 00:22

I had hideous nausea first time round so ate+++. Next time I had acupuncture for the nausea. Was brilliant so didn't need to eat all the time. Ate small amounts of things high in zinc also shown to relieve nausea. Every morning had 1 lemon in hot water followed by 2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 orange and 1" ginger juiced then layed down to keep it down. Tried not to eat huge meals while pigging on crisps etc. in between. Hope this helps, worked for me. I am a SAHM so have the luxury of time, might not be too practical if working.


tinyfeet · 02/05/2003 01:16

Thanks, Sibble. This is very helpful. What foods are high in zinc? I never felt like grocery shopping last time, so I never had any fresh fruits and vegetables. Consequently, I ate a lot of packaged and frozen food. This time I will definitely try to load up on fresh fruits/veggies.

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