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Books to explain pregnancy to siblings.

4 replies

susanmt · 30/04/2003 11:27

Obviously ds (15 months) isnt going to understand much, but can anyone recommend a book foe explaining things to dd (just past 3)

OP posts:

Marina · 30/04/2003 11:29

We have Lucy Cousins' "Za-za's Baby Brother" which ds (nearly 4) seems to enjoy, even though it pulls no punches about how neglected and miserable a new baby will make him feel (only joking, it "raises the issue" but ends happily!)
I think there are lots of others but we are not going for the overload.


Katherine · 02/05/2003 09:37

There is a book called "Mummy laid an egg on the Sofa" which looks great. I keep meaning to get it for my two.


edgarcat · 02/05/2003 09:38

Message withdrawn


crystaltips · 02/05/2003 09:42

Usborne do quite a good book. it's called The New Baby.

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