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Pregnant Again - Problems Before - Need Advice!!

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NorfolkTurkey · 08/05/2005 16:18

I'm pretty sure that I am pregnant again. Three positive clear blue tests and cannot stomach alcohol which a usual pregnancy symptom of mine! I'm sure of my dates so it would only make me five weeks.

Now, this will be my fourth pregnancy. My first came at 24 weeks but died after two days, my second was stillborn at 26 weeks and my third stayed in until 29 weeks and she is thankfully absolutely totally fine! No problem starting them, just a problem with keeping them in.

The problem for me that I had all three babies at the Whittingdon Hospital in North London but have now moved out of the area. It will mean that I could either go to Addenbrokes in Cambridge or the Lister in Stevenage. I'm nervous about having to explain all my history to goodness knows how many people and not being sure of the hospitals and the start of care. I was practically on first name terms with the staff at the Whittingdon and comfortable with the fact that everyone knew my history.

I've been told that although I have moved out of the area, in view of my history, I could possibily go back to the Whittington. The Whittingdon is very convenient as I only work a few tube stops away and even from my house, we could get there in 35 minutes.

Sorry for rambling, but has anyone been in a similar situation to this???? I'd be grateful for any advice. Thank you!

OP posts:
sweetkitty · 08/05/2005 16:23

hi norfolk no advice to give you as I've not been in a similar situation I remember you form the Due in July 2004 thread I seem to remember.

If it were me I would go to the hospital you feel most comfortable with.

Congratulations wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

NorfolkTurkey · 08/05/2005 16:32

Thank you! Crikey if I get to 9 months (which I hope I do of course!), I'd be very very surprised.

I was very surprised that I was pregnant as we hardly have any time for 'it' these days!

OP posts:
NorfolkTurkey · 08/05/2005 16:34

So you think that I could pick my hospital then? I thought they worked like schools iykwim

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 08/05/2005 16:44

hi hun congrates to u
havent been in same situation although u should be able to go back to your own hospital as you can pickwhere you are treated. Just explain to your gp your reasons for wanting to go there. The only things to consider ate the practicalities if u need to rush as a 35min trip can be quite a while?
good luck

misdee · 08/05/2005 16:45

lister is fab.

NorfolkTurkey · 08/05/2005 16:59

That is the only downside - the 35 minute trip whereas the Lister is only 10 minutes. I have heard good things about the Lister and if this was my first pregnancy, it would be no problem.

Addenbrookes apparently have a good NICU unit but apparently the hospital has one of the highest MRSA rates in the country.

I wish I could thing on the basis of having a term baby but as all my other before 30 weeks, I have to work on the basis that it will happen again.

I just like the 'comfort blanket' thought of the Whitt.

OP posts:
misdee · 08/05/2005 18:32

i spent 24 hours down in lister SCBU with my dd3. she was being treated for low blood sugars. the staff looking after the preemies were very good and seemed better IMO than another local hospital.

Lonelymum · 08/05/2005 19:20

NT, congratulations on your pg. Each one, you kept the baby for longer so hopefully this one will go to term.

Yes, you can choose your hospital and I would have thought you could ask the Whittington to send your notes to the hospital of your choice if you think that will help. Or your GP might have copies of crucial reports.

BTW, I was born in the Whittington at a time when they specialised in problem pregnancies. Sounds like they are still doing their best for women who are not as lucky as they should be.

sweetkitty · 08/05/2005 20:00

got to be positive NT there was a lady in my antenatal group was pregnant for the 3rd time, first 2 were early 29 and 33 weeks I think.

every week or fortnight she would still be there even though everyone told her she would be early again, turns out she was 2 days overdue whe she went into labour

pupuce · 08/05/2005 20:16

I would say think positive too... One of my client (I am a doula) had her 1st at 32weeks, then twins at 34 weeks (crash section for placenta abruption) and she had her 4th with me at 39 weeks - perfect birth for her ... the others had been horrible and scary. I know they weren't as early as yours.... and the medical staff did get worried for her from 32 weeks onwards.

I think that your past does not need to be explained everytime the 1st page of your notes will speak volumes anyway and you will get proper support.

NorfolkTurkey · 08/05/2005 21:34

Misdee - So the Lister do have a special care unit then? I must say that you're giving me good vibes about the Lister, especially as you have had first had experience of the SCBU. It's just that I'm so used to the Whittingdon and they were so good to me.

sweetkitty - I think that the Whittingdon is supposed to have one of the best maternity units in London with some truely excellent staff. They were fantastic - especially when I got really down and blubbering because my boobs refused to work!

I know I should look on the positive side and think of having a term baby. If I have plenty of rest like I did before, maybe I can persuade it to hang around for a wee bit longer.

Thanks for your advice. It's just fear of the unknown and change (god I feel old saying that!).

OP posts:
misdee · 08/05/2005 22:14

The staff at lister are pretty good overall. my dh was being treated there for heart problems and i transferred my care there in the last few weeks of pregnancy as was unsure if dh would be out in time for the birth. they booked me in quickly, saw a diabetes consultant, had a scan done to check growth and booked in for induction all in one appt. the midwives on delivery were fab. the midwives on the ward were excellant. paeds were brilliant as well, they have actually organised the appointments for my dd3 for hearing checks and kidney/bladder scans with no chasing up from me.

And the ante-natal unit has also been given a revamp in the time in between dd2+3. and the wards are lovely and clean.

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