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Using Arnica

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colette · 28/04/2003 04:49

I have heard arnica is good to use immediately post-birth to reduce swelling/bruising . As I had stitches last time I am thinking ahead - I am now 30 weeks .
When I read the back of a tube of arnica cream in Boots it said to avoid in pregnancy or when breastfeeding!!!
I thought homeopathic medecines were o.k in pregnancy and if so is it best to use cream directly on the area or take tablets?? I had a bit of a scare (loss of amniotic fluid 28wks) and was worried I would go into labour early so want to pack a bag soon . Also anything you found invaluable during labour(other than pain relief!!) and are tens machines any good ?? Also any tips to increase time you sleep I always awake at 4am and knackered the next day Thanks

OP posts:

robinw · 28/04/2003 07:12

message withdrawn


ninja · 28/04/2003 07:31

Can't give you any help about the arnica (I have it packed in my bag - any time now!)

About the sleep, I found that I had to rearrange my bed significantly. Around 30 weeks I was waking regularly. If I couldn't get back to sleep I'd get into another bed and read a really boring book! That normally did it. But what really did help is I started sleeping on a folded double duvet (to soften our quite hard bed) I also use 3 pillows plus one between my legs and 3 staggered ones which gave me more support and it did seem to make a difference.
Hope some of that helps


windmill · 28/04/2003 09:12

I think you will find that most products you buy, natural or otherwise from pharmacists or healthfood stores will say that you should avoid them or ask your doctor first if you are pregnant or lactating. It is really just to cover themselves in case anyone had any problems. Some people are sensitive to products that don't cause problems in anyone else. You can never be 100% sure that something is not going to adversely affect anyone even if it is has been around for centuries with no reported problem.

I know its worrying when you see something like this, as a baby is so precious, but homeopathic remedies are safe in pregnancy. They are much better than herbal remedies, of which there are lots that should be avoided, and safer than aromatherapy products.

There is a lot of confusion around natural products. Different aromatherapists say different things about oils. Some say avoid all oils during the first three months, some say avoid certain ones, some say lavender is good during pregnancy others say avoid it as it is an emmanogogue (can bring on period. I also know women who have been given drugs during pregnancy while in hospital and have later been told by their GP that the drugs weren't safe, so you can see there is really a lot of confusion over all kinds of remedial products.

It may be that there is some other ingredient in the cream that is not suitable in pregnancy but it won't be the arnica. I used homeopathic remedies all the way through my pregnancy and during and after labour.

Most books and therapists who recommend arnica for any purpose are referring to tablets. Homeopathic creams can be useful eg calendula for cracked skin and graphites for dermatitis but in most cases I feel tablets are better. They are dissolved on the tongue and work very quickly.

As for tens machines I never used them in labour but have used them for other aches and pains and found they helped. I have also used them a lot on people with severe pain from serious injuries and supported women in labour who have found they helped.


windmill · 28/04/2003 09:20

You can also take caullophyllum homeopathic tablets during labour to help speed things up if they are slow, (you may need to order this one from a good health food store), chamomilla for pain, raspberry leaf every 15 minutes to help strengthen contrcations although this can make them more painful! Jasmine, rose and lavender essential oils are good for massage or inhaling. Even those who say lavender is best avoided inpregnancy recommend it in labour.


colette · 28/04/2003 11:01

Thanks for your all your advice
Robinw - I will pack the cream now and ninja I think I'll try using a duvet as pillows just seem to move and annoy me .
Windmill I find the aromatherapy precautions etc. contradictory. I have bought some aromatherapy labour massage oil as I want to be well prepared this time . I think it has Jasmine and rose in it and geranium and lavender to burn . I'll buy chamomilla as well . Any other advice on what to pack (my bag will be huge!!) or wether tens machine any good??

OP posts:

ThomCat · 28/04/2003 13:39


I took Arnica tablets after the birth and swear by Arnice in general.
I also used almond oil (I think it was almond oil,) and used it all over myself, down there! to make the skin supple? Anyway did it for about a month os so beofe I went to sleep.
I also drank Raspberry leaf tea like it was going pout of fashion, i feel in love with it at the time leading up to the birth.
As for tens machine, I din't really like it but it gave me something to focus on and think about other than what was really happening to me! It also gave me a good laugh when Dom tried to take it off me and it gave him a shock and he screamed out!!! I had it on the highest setting at the end and it was just mildly irritating! Why don't you just go to Boots and hire one just so you have it there in case you want it. If you try it out before you are actually in labour though it'll feel nothing like it does when you're actually in the throws of your contractions.


colette · 29/04/2003 18:20

I think I've heard of using almond oil to stretch the perinium so having read your comments I'll give it a go. Last time I just didn't get around to it

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