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Emotional moments

22 replies

Wills · 24/04/2003 22:27

Anyone else feeling like they are walking pregnant emotional wrecks sometimes? I'm finding I can't see a mother and baby scene on TV without welling up with tears. I really need to get a grip! It started this evening with the "walking with cavemen" programme. I caught the end of it where the presenter holds a baby and yep - end up sniffing and welling up. Since then I have been running around trying to get ready to go away for a long weekend. I sat for a couple of minutes eating a desert and vaguely watching a programme dh was watching whilst ironing. It was a Georgian programme about servants and I'd chosen the very moment that a little boy of around 7 dies in bed. Straight into floods of tears. DH had to turn the programme off as I rushed into the kitchen to sob. Even now 45/60 minutes on the scene is still clear in my mind and I know its going to haunt me in bed tonight. I never like to see children upset/hurt etc but this has really got to me.

I remember doing this with dd's pregnancy but not quite so strongly and I hadn't really realised how much it had mellowed but now in my pregnant state I seem to be grizzling at anything/everything.

Anyone else finding the pregnancy hormones running amuck? Am I the only one? I hope not.

OP posts:

WideWebWitch · 25/04/2003 14:28

Wills, no, you're not alone. I'm a complete blubbering (not to mention blubbery) mass of tearful pregnancy hormones. The least little thing sets me off. I've also been having awful nightmares - some involving babies dying. All horrible stuff, roll on November. It's earlier for you though isn't it?


Dahlia · 25/04/2003 14:51

I am 32 weeks, and cry at the most bizarre things at the moment - I was cooking tea yesterday and sliced open a cooked baked potato and a huge maggot just dropped out (cooked to perfection) onto the chopping board. Well, I lost it completely and just sobbed my heart out - when dh got home he thought something dreadful had happened. And I wept copiously watching Trisha this morning which has to be the most dross pile of pap ever. And every time the cancer research advert comes on I have to go out the room. Poor dd (age 7) looks quickly at me now whenever anything remotely girlie comes on the tv - animal hospital, nspcc advert, anything on the disney channel. The list is endless. So you're quite normal Wills!


WideWebWitch · 25/04/2003 14:54

Dahlia, your post made me laugh! I remember crying when I was pregnant with ds because the tube was too full. I rang a friend who was sure something terrible had happened since I was unable to speak through wracking great sobs. So your maggot story rang a bell


poppyloppy · 25/04/2003 15:12

Well, Dahlia, if it helps, Im NOT pregnant and would have sobbed my heart out if a huge maggot (cooked or not) had dropped out of my baked potato!


Dahlia · 25/04/2003 15:15

I have to say, it was pretty gross.


edgarcat · 25/04/2003 15:20

Message withdrawn


SamboM · 25/04/2003 16:14

I used to cry every time I didn't get my own way when I was pg! eg if I was late for the hairdressers, doctors etc and they blew me out or something. It was awful, I felt so pathetic. And I look like a hideous monster for an hour if I just cry a tiny bit, this was hysterical sobbing, and the results would frighten children in the street


EmmaTMG · 25/04/2003 16:36

There are loads of threads on here that make me well up, like 'Best thing about being a parent' that does it every time there's a new post. Watching DS's disney films does it too. The cancer research advert does it to me even when I'm not PG.

Can you imagaine the mess I was in when Cold Feet finished, I was still quite nearly PG and DH thought I was having a breakdown, it was beyond sobbing. I was an absolute wreck. I actually really freaked him out, which looking back is actually quite funny.


spacemonkey · 25/04/2003 16:50

When i was pg i used to cry at recipe books! I think it was because i was ravenously hungry all the time and longed for someone to cook for me


Hughsie · 25/04/2003 16:54

I agree about the cancer research advert - noone can fail to be moved by that one. I always try to change the channel but once I know it is on I cant help but cry.

To be honest I'm soppy most of the time but worse with pregnancy and having just had a baby. I think it's good to be emotional!


Flippa · 25/04/2003 16:55

When I was pg I watched About a Boy when it was screened on TV and I was blubbing throughout. Also cried when I trod on my cat's tail and made her scream!! She was fine but I was in a right old state!


edgarcat · 25/04/2003 17:17

Message withdrawn


Marina · 25/04/2003 20:21

Wills, agree with all the others. So far this week I have cried at the unneccessary number of Tommy's Campaign "Every day, 100 little ones come out too soon" posters at London Bridge station (and I am a long-term supporter of the charity); at the thread "Worst Mother Ever", and when looking at not one but two books for work which turned out unexpectedly to have stuff in them about losing a child. All of this in front of other people of course (10000s of commuters; students crossly revising for exams). One of the plotlines in last week's ER also had me weeping buckets, at least this was on my own sofa.
The slightest thing sets me off - and don't even get me started on the nightmares www! Horrid, aren't they. I think it's very normal of us all to feel this way.


Demented · 26/04/2003 13:56

I'm not pregnant and I find myself strangely weepy at times (DS2 10 months). Most of the time I'm fine but sometimes someone just has to ask me how I am and I can feel my voice beginning to quiver, I assume my hormones are still settling. Agree with everyone about the Cancer Research ads. Anything with babies in it can set me off, always much worse when pg.


Rhubarb · 26/04/2003 14:36

I cry whenever dh opens a bottle of red wine in front of me. Can you have early pregnancy cravings for alcohol?


ninja · 26/04/2003 14:43

Did anyone see the William and Mary episode 2 weeks ago - the teenage funeral at the same time as the baby being delivered? - it was worse than a weepy at the cinema


Demented · 26/04/2003 20:33

Oh I love William and Mary, that has me in tears every week. Does anyone else imagine Mears to be just like Mary? - Scottish midwife (I think Mears is Scottish anyway), fighting for the rights of her patients, putting herself on the line. Hmmm maybe I am too addicted to Mumsnet.


Caterina · 27/04/2003 11:02

I was cycling away at the gym yesterday when the nspcc advert came on telly, the one where there is a little baby in a hospital and they tell you that he had been abused but he is now safe. I started to cry so much that the gym instructor got very worried and asked me if I felt OK and if I was not overdoing it at the gym, how embarrassing!
I managed to memorize the nspcc tel no and I am planning to send my money tomorrow, something I would have maybe thought vaguely about before getting pg, but would then not do: I am sure the nspcc get most of their fundings from pregnant women...


Ghosty · 27/04/2003 11:11

I can definitely relate to you all here ... I am like a leaky tap most of the time ... and I am not pregnant! Not long after DS was born I was watching a wildlife programme about a troupe of monkeys that live in a town in India. Every so often the bachelor monkeys who live out of the town come in and try to oust the top male monkey who lives with the females and their babies. Well, if they are successful they go around and try to kill all the baby monkeys so that they can mate with the females again. It was horrific ... when DH came home he thought something really bad had happened as I was a wreck on the sofa surrounded by tissues ... red raw eyes ... bogies all over the place! All I kept saying was ... 'The baby monkeys ... the baby monkeys ...' I think that is when he persuaded me to see the doctor about possible PND !!!!!


Chinchilla · 27/04/2003 21:52

Caterina - know what you mean. I have no excuse though, as I am not pg. However, I signed up for the NSPCC £2 a month thingy a few months ago, because, since having ds, I am so protective towards him and hate the thought of anyone hurting their child


Wills · 28/04/2003 20:31

Sorry - been away for a wonderful weekend at Centre Parcs. Managed not cry but I'm still haunted by that little boy dying.

Very very glad to know that I'm not the only one and yes the Tommy and Cancer ones have been dripping buckets.

OP posts:

Wills · 28/04/2003 20:32

Sorry can't type, too tired. I meant to say "has me dripping buckets"

OP posts:
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