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Can I be pregnant and still have light periods ?????

2 replies

crystaltips · 24/04/2003 20:47

Basically the title says it all .....

I have put on weight over the last 3 months - you know - the thickening around the waist ....
I have been totally knackered ....
I am on the pill but my periods have been unusually light.
I just put it down to kids and no time to myself - but recently ( 3 out of 6 mornings ) I have been sick and have been feeling awful.

Could I be pregnant ? Even the thought terrifies me and I cannot pluck up the courage of doing a test.

My family is complete - I don't want any more children.

I'm feeling rather shell shocked at the moment.

OP posts:

WideWebWitch · 24/04/2003 20:52

Crystaltips, I'm no expert but your symptoms do sounds suspicious and a bit pregnancy like. I think a test is the only way to find out though so I think you're going to have to bite the bullet and do one. No contraception is 100% so it is a possibility I suppose, assuming you've been having sex There seem to be a few of these recently don't there - Pie, Susanmt and I think there are others. You don't have to go through with having more children if you don't want to though, remember that, although it's bound to be a tough one. Good luck.


SamboM · 25/04/2003 10:45

Hate to worry you but a friend of mine had normal periods till she was 5 months pg and only found out because it started to show...

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