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previous unassisted labour - nervous about it all happening again.

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2under2 · 24/04/2003 19:15

My last labour (planned home birth with child no.2) was superfast - just over an hour from start to finish. Dh and I wasted time timing contractions, running a bath etc (we didn't really expect it to be so quick), and it all didn't feel terribly bad, so by the time I called my poor midwife we'd left it all too late. Dd was delivered by me whilst dh was putting on a DVD for our older dd and the midwife was still stuck in traffic 15 minutes away. I'd had a severe pph after my first (really dreadful, induced) labour and was terrified of bleeding like that again. Dd had some problems (serious heart defect, Down's syndrome) and wouldn't latch on, but my eldest (only 20 months at the time) was happy to have a breastfeed instead (unconventional I know! ).
Anyway, the midwife arrived and everything was fine until I went into shock 1.5 hours later and had to be whisked to hospital by ambulance.
I am pregnant again now and really worried that my next labour will be even speedier. I am planning on another home birth because we live out in the Yorkshire Dales and the nearest hospital is 30 minutes away, but really, I am very nervous that it'll be an unassisted birth again. It wasn't too bad in itself, quite liked the privacy and everything was going smoothly, but that was just sheer luck.
Has anyone experienced an extremely fast labour and/or an unassisted birth before and could give me some advice?

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2under2 · 24/04/2003 19:32

ok, ignore this, am reposting it under Childbirth.

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