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When do babies get themselves into the head down position?

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Lulu41 · 24/04/2003 14:18

I am currently 27 weeks with my second and it has been lying across my tummy for some weeks now. My ds was from quite early on head down and am starting to worry that this one will not turn - if that happens do any of you midwives know what happens does is mean an automatic c-section?

OP posts:

mum2toby · 24/04/2003 14:21

My ds lay across the way kicking me in the right hip until 34 weeks!! When he eventually turned head down it took him a good few hours to get sorted and I thought I was in labour. Once he turned it was SO much more comfortable. His head engaged at 37 weeks. HTH.

Not long to go for you now!!


Flippa · 24/04/2003 14:40

Make sure you keep active - that tends to persuade them to turn themselves around! My ds was tranverse, then posterior and moved about a lot right up until about week 38 and then appeared to settle down. The midwives/gps can also give you exercises to help move the baby and they can also manipulate your bump to encourage the babe to turn. There is plenty of time yet for your littl'un to turn and it is probably really enjoying whizzing around right now!


Marina · 24/04/2003 15:04

Well, Lulu, ds1 went full transverse at 26 weeks and stayed there despite my being quite active during the pregnancy. If they don't shift, I believe trying to turn the baby externally is not recommended if they are right across the tummy. It wasn't an option for me.
It does mean a c-section, but if that does end up applying to you, take comfort from the fact that before this operation was a safe bet either you or the baby would not have made it. I was disappointed at the time and my NCT teacher pointed this out to me.
But especially with second or later babies, transverse can also right itself at any time, as with Flippa and Mum2Toby. So don't give up hope yet!


PandaBear · 24/04/2003 15:21

I was told to walk around on all fours as often as you can to get the baby in the optimal birthing position. Mind you I ignored the advice and ended up with a back to back baby .... ow!!!


pamina · 24/04/2003 21:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mears · 24/04/2003 22:42

Babies often play 'tumble dryers' for weeks on end. The postion for delivery is assumed by 36-38 weeks, depending whether it is your first or not. First babies are usually in position by 37 weeks. Relax, lulu41, you have plenty of time

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