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An embarrassing sign of pregnancy?

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snowqueen · 21/04/2003 11:37

I noticed when I first became pregnanct that my vagina smelt acidic. I have had another pregnancy since when sadly ended in miscarriage but again I had the acidic smell and noticed it well before my period was due.

Is this normal? I now have the smell again and wondered if I'm pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this or heard about it in anyone else, if they are too embarrassed to admit it themselves?

PS, its not an unpleasant smell!

OP posts:

cheeky · 21/04/2003 15:41

I know that some men who used to like oral sex go off it in pregnancy and this is apparently because your vaginal secretions are supposed to smell and taste stronger but I thought it was meant to be around 16 weeks that this happens

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