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strange movements

8 replies

cheeky · 21/04/2003 11:30

I have one child and when I was pregnant I couldn't wait to start feeling foetal movements. Then very early on I started feeling strange fluttering at just about 8 weeks if I remember correctly, might even have been sooner. I assumed it was my imagination and it was because I wanted to feel them so desperately.

Around 17 weeks I felt something that I was sure was the real thing so when people asked me when the foetal movements started I said around 17 weeks. However, at 19 weeks I felt a really strong movement that made me jump so I'm not sure if that was the first one. The ones at 17 weeks had seemed very similar to the other sesations at 8 weeks.

Now I'm convinced that only the big ones that made me jump were the real ones as I have continued feeling the little ones ever since I gave birth! I guess it must be bowel movements, I feel them all the time now. Has anybody else experienced anything similar?

OP posts:

snowqueen · 21/04/2003 13:50

Cheeky, as soon as I gave birth I felt lots of movement - I wondered if there was another baby in there that hadn't been discovered during antenatal checks! Like you, I have carried on feeling them ever since. It must be bowel movements but you wonder why you never felt them before you got pregnant don't you?


Linzoid · 21/04/2003 15:24

I'm glad someone else has had this! I had my second baby 4 years ago and i still sometimes feel these little movements and i could swear it's just like there is a baby. Thought i was cracking up!


emsiewill · 21/04/2003 15:32

Yes, me too - I get these feelings and it makes me feel quite nostalgic. I presume it's wind or similar, and must have had it before having children, just never realised it.


windmill · 21/04/2003 15:36

I have been feeling them as well, nearly all day every day, since my first pregnancy.


snowqueen · 21/04/2003 15:39

Sometimes they are actually quite strong and I can see my abdomen move like it did when I was pregnant.


morocco · 22/04/2003 12:46

thank god not just my imagination - was convinced had phantom pregnancy!


Linnet · 24/04/2003 22:57

yes I feel these phantom movements as well. Used to worry me that I might have fallen pregnant without noticing somehow, lol
But now I just accept that it happens. And I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one


pie · 25/04/2003 18:26

I have these feelings too, really strongly since the about 2 years ago when I started to get broody.

The thing is I'm still haveing them, like under my ribs and I'm only 15 weeks pregnant so theres no way. I've had a couple of dreams where something has been pushing on my stomach all Alien style and it has woken be up and my stomach is sore.

Can't wait until the real thing starts....actually yes I can I think it will hurt more.

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