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Just found out I'm 16 weeks pregnant....

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woodge · 19/04/2003 14:21

I've been wondering what's happened to my periods (was taking the mini pill whilst breastfeeding 1st DD), thought I might be having an early menopause but on the off chance I did a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and it is/was positive! Was sent for a dating scan last Thursday (internal probe thingy), the sonographer went rather quiet and then asked if OK to do tummy scan. She said that she was looking for a small blip but all she could see was head! They've given me a date of 16 weeks, so I'm due at the beginning of Oct. I thought I might be about 8 weeks so am a little shocked but very happy to have got through the 1st trimester without any nausea or anything - feeling a little guilty about the few glasses of wine I've drunk, but hopefully everything is OK. Anyone else due about this time?

OP posts:

snickers · 19/04/2003 14:50

hey congrats... how exciting!


whymummy · 19/04/2003 15:28

congratulations and don`t worry about the wine i came back from a long holiday( where i drunk and was taking malaria tablets)and found out i was 6 weeks pregnant i was worried sick for the rest of the pregnancy but the baby was fine!


EmmaTMG · 19/04/2003 20:14

Wow, 16 weeks that's fantasic. I would love that to happen to me, I always know straight away so have a long hard slog to get past 12 weeks.
Massive Congratulations.


Gem13 · 19/04/2003 20:17

Congratulations! Well done on missing out on the morning sickness!


XAusted · 19/04/2003 20:22

Congrats, Woodge. The pregnancy will seem much shorter! I found out I was pregnant at 13 weeks with dd when I was having a scan to see if I had polycystic ovaries! (I didn't!) Was a bit of a shock (dh hardly able to speak for 3 days after) but it was great "missing" an entire trimester. Subsequent pregancy really dragged!


Claireandrich · 19/04/2003 21:09

Congratulations! You even get to miss the most worrying first trimester section, where you have to keep it a secret, have morining (or all day) sickness, etc.


jasper · 19/04/2003 23:07

STOP THIS thread now. It is making me broody.
Midwife please take note


susanmt · 20/04/2003 00:06

Wow! Congratulations! I've just found out I'm 6-7 weeks (I think) when I wasn't expecting it, but it must be unreal to be almost half way there without knowing it! Hope you keep well!


SoupDragon · 20/04/2003 14:26



jasper · 20/04/2003 20:31

woodge, you have got me seriously worried. I am relying on the mini pill, and am also bf my 13 mo two or three times a day. I am very careful to always take the pill at the right time.
Did you do this or did you forget to take a pill?


woodge · 21/04/2003 11:45

Jaspar - no don't worry, I stopped the pill at X-mas and have continued breastfeeding dd 2-3 times a day. I did a pregnancy test a week after stopping the pill because I thought I should have got a period by then - it was negative. I've spent the last few months worrying that I'm going through an early menopause because I was so focussed on getting a period (I haven't had one since dd was conceived)stupidly thinking that it would take a lot longer to conceive 2nd time around. So I've been getting myself all worked up about my fertility when the new baby has been happily doing it's thing! At least I can put it down to being a hormonal pregnant woman! So don't panic.

OP posts:

jasper · 21/04/2003 12:02

Thanks Woodge, that's a relief.
I hope your pregnancy goes well.


mears · 21/04/2003 15:29

Are you sure you that's a relief Jasper? After reading the B/F thread I am half expecting to see you tandem feeding


snowqueen · 21/04/2003 16:04

Congratulations, woodge! I'm pleased you've gone so far with no symptoms and I hope the preganncy continues well.

I have heard about cases where the woman doesn't know she's pregnant until she gives birth and have wondered how she could not know because of all the symptoms.

My mum never believed that they never knew or thought they must be really stupid but apparently some people don't have any symptoms, miss periods or even get much bigger so maybe even the most intelligent and aware people can not realise until right at the end. I used to think if nothing else they would feel foetal movements but if you read the thread on strange movements, I suppose it is possible that they wouldn't think any of the movements especially if they had been pregannt before.

Anybody else got any ideas on whether its really possible to go full term without knowing?


grommit · 21/04/2003 18:23

Woodge - Congratulations - lucky you having no symptoms and getting through the first trimester without knowing!!!! Don't worry about the wine - we have all done this without knowing!


jasper · 21/04/2003 22:20

mears have you been on the wine as much as I have?


Moomin · 21/04/2003 22:58

snowqueen - I would not have believed it unless it had happened to friends of mine but she didn't know she was pregnant until she saw the baby's head come out as she was sitting on the toilet!!!!!!!! We've all dined out on this story ever since their son was born but I saw a lot of them in the months and weeks leading up to the birth and she was still a size 12 - I swear. She'd also just taken a new job; she'd drunk the best part of a bottle of wine the week before and she'd even been abseiling for charity 3 weeks prior as well.

Even if you knew you were pregnant and trying to somehow hide it, I still don't think you'd do things like this because you'd worry about the effects on the baby. And anyway, she literally had nothing to hide - she had no bump at all. Her bf said afterwards that the only thing he'd noticed was that her waist didn't go in as much when she had no clothes on!!!!!!!

I too thought these stories were made up urban myths or the women really knew they were pregnant but now I'm a believer!


jasper · 21/04/2003 23:26

Moomin even if there was no bump how come she did not feel it moving? How heavy was the baby at birth? Was it her first?
These stories completely fascinate me as I was a different person for nine months each time I got pregnant.


Moomin · 22/04/2003 10:21

She was told that he'd been lying across her towards her back for the pg. Not sure about the movements; she said she'd felt nothing untoward, anyway... I know she'd been sick on and off in the 1st few months but she thought she had a bug and because she was on the pill she was still getting "periods". It was her 1st and he was 9lbs-something!!!!! She'd woken up feeling very ropey and thought she might have food posioning from the Chinese they'd had the night before. Her bf went to the pub to watch a football match and she stayed at home. She thought she was getting the runs so sat on the loo for a while in a lot of pain. After a while she looked down and there was his head. She delivered him onto the bathroom rug then crawled to the bedroom to call 999 while he was still attached. The paramedics told her that it is more common than people think. They live in one of the major cities and the paramedics get called to about 1 or 2 a month.


snowqueen · 22/04/2003 11:14

Moomin, thanks for that account of your friend. Its absolutely fascinating


bells2 · 22/04/2003 11:41

I knew someone who not only had no idea she was pregnant, but the week before the baby arrived won the prize at her local slimming club for losing the most amount of weight!. She started out quite overweight, thought the absence of periods was due to the anti-depressants she was taking and thought the movement was indigestion. She had no idea at all until she turned up at A&E complaining of painful abdominal cramps. I would never have believed it but in this case it really was what happened.


woodge · 22/04/2003 12:54

When I booked in with my midwife she said that she's got another "like me". Apparently this woman was trying for a 2nd baby with no luck, decided to go back on the pill, was beginning to think she ought to go on a diet when she felt the baby move. She went to her GP who examined her and estimates that she's about 28 weeks! I don't feel quite so stupid now! I think there's a lot to be said for the power of your mind, if you really don't think you're pregnant and especially if you've never been pregnant before. I used to think all those stories of teenagers going into labour unaware of being pregnant were a bit far fetched - but now I'm not so sure.

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