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Pregnancy Symptoms.....or lack of?

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chocolatequeen · 19/04/2005 22:14

I'm 10 weeks by my calculations, and although have had sore boobs since day 1, haven't really suffered at all with anything else; no morning sickness, although felt pretty queasy sometimes in the early weeks, but other than being sore, not really noticing any other symptoms - feeling almost totally like normal. Is this really unusual, and/or anything to worry about? Or should I just count myself lucky?! I'm sure I read somewhere that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Didn't have any morning sickness with DS apart from once, but then didn't know I was pregnant til 12 weeks , so not sure if it was psychosomatic.

Hope I'm just being paranoid, but worried that the baby may have died or something and I don't know.


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kid · 19/04/2005 22:18

have you got a date for your scan yet?
Are you sure of your dates, maybe you could ask for an early dating scan to help put your mind at ease?

I didn't suffer any pregnancy symptoms. My belly soon grew though!

I'm sure many other mums-to-be will be very envious of you escaping the morning sickness!

chocolatequeen · 19/04/2005 22:24

Cheers kid. Fairly sure of dates - 1st day last period was 10 Feb, so think I've calculated it right. If I had my dates wrong, would it be that I was more than that or less? (ie over 12 wks, therefore no symptoms, or not pg enough to have symptoms?). Getting really confused.....obviously having a bit of a simple moment!!

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chocolatequeen · 19/04/2005 22:25

Sorry - scan next wednesday which will be 11.5 weeks (i hope!). Definitely getting fatter/heavier, but not in a bump way. Think that's almost definitely down to chocolate though....

Did you have a proper, firm, preggy bump by 12 weeks?

OP posts:
kid · 19/04/2005 22:28

I had a podgy(sp?) bump!
Infact, its still there and DS is 3

At least you haven't got long to wait for your scan. I have no idea how they work out date and that, I leave it to them. I find they change the date once you have the scan anyway. Good luck for wednesday

gingernut · 19/04/2005 22:28

OK, here's a quick summary of my experience:

pg1: a few mild symptoms, ended in m/c at 11 weeks
pg 2: definite symptoms, felt pretty awful (although not sick). Result was my ds1 .
pg3: hardly any symptoms, not even sore boobs, was really worried so much so that paid £95 for private scan at 8.5 weeks...saw wriggly bean on screen who is now ds2, 20 weeks old .

So, I wouldn't say you can set any store by how you are feeling physically. I really sympathise though, it's a nerve-wracking time, hope everything works out OK. Will you have a scan soon?

gingernut · 19/04/2005 22:30

Ahh, you have a scan soon, good. I didn't have a bump by that stage with ds2, it developed almost overnight at about 13 weeks.

Mirage · 20/04/2005 08:17

I had no symptoms with dd other than slightly sore boobs - never even felt remotely queasy.This time around I had no symptoms at all until 7wks.The midwife even asked me if I had done a pregnancy test!A few days later I began to feel a bit sick & just felt sick until about 12wks.

My GP said that the MS=healthy pregnancy myth isn't true.He reckoned it was just something that health professionals said to make women who are feeling miserable because of MS,feel better.

Expectantmum · 20/04/2005 08:25

Chocolatequeen. I had morning sickness for two days right at the very beginning and then just very sore boobs after that til about 16 weeks and went through a stage where I was exhausted but apart from that I had absolutely nothing and am now 31 wks pg, and still can't believe sometimes that I am shortly expecting my first DB! I can walk past a shop window and feel totally shocked by my reflection sometimes! I guess we were just one of the lucky ones. My boss is about 5 wks ahead of me in the pregnancy stakes and she was signed off work for 5 months!

chocolatequeen · 20/04/2005 14:29

Thanks so much all of you - guess there is no such thing as normal!! Really hoping everything is OK, will keep you posted after the scan.

BTW, does anyone know if the heart beat can be heard at this stage? Am sure someone somewhere has written about going to the nurse at their GP's and she heard the heart beat through some sort of machine - maybe doppler or something? Or am i thinking of something totally different?

Thanks again all of you

OP posts:
berolina · 20/04/2005 18:12

chocolatequeen - I also had no morning sickness at all - felt very very slightly queasy some evenings, but that was more because I was tired. M/s is said to be to do with high levels of pg hormones (e.g. hCG), which is where the m/s = healthy pg thing comes from, but not everyone reacts to hormones in the same way, so you're prob just one of the lucky ones! Good luck with your pg!

Frizbe · 20/04/2005 18:16

I also had hardly any sickness with dd, in fact it was only one day! and that came with the trots, so probably a bug! but she's nearly 18mths now!

bunny2 · 20/04/2005 18:19

I had a little ms with ds, pregnancies 2 and 3 I had horrendous sickness but miscarried both. With pregnancy 4 I had no sickness whatsoever and gave birth to a healthy baby girl! I know it is hard but try not to read too much into ymptoms or lack of.

bubbaloo · 20/04/2005 21:07

the only sympton i had was sore boobs and also couldnt quite believe it especially as it took me 6 years to get pg!
im now 33 weeks,have had no sickness or queasiness and quite honestly ive never felt better
i guess everyone is completely different with their pregnancies but it just goes to show that you dont neccessarily need the symptons to know everything is ok-count yourself lucky and enjoyxx

chocolatequeen · 20/04/2005 21:25

Thank you all so so much. Am feeling so much better now.

Best wishes to all of you, and good luck with your new baby bubbaloo!

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