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constant cramping at 6 weeks

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valentine5 · 19/04/2005 17:22

hi i am 6 weeks pregnant and this is my first,for the last week ive felt really rough,with terrible headaches and constant cramping in my tummy especially at night is this normal? xx

OP posts:
spykid · 19/04/2005 17:24

It is usual to get period type pains esp with your first pg.# ligaments stretching etc i think.
My advice would be to book yourself inwith gp to put your mind at rest

valentine5 · 19/04/2005 17:29

thankyou its a relieve to hear that what type of painkillers are safe to use when pregnant? x

OP posts:
golds · 19/04/2005 17:32

I experienced these pains too with dd, however if your worried it won't do any harm to ask your GP.

You can take paracetomol (sp?) Take care x

valentine5 · 19/04/2005 17:34

i will do, thankyou for your advice xx

OP posts:
spykid · 19/04/2005 18:01

Hope everything works out ok valentine5.
Just be reassured you have joined the ranks of every first time mom who worries about every new twinge. Its completely natural

ChaCha · 19/04/2005 18:03

This reply has been deleted

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