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Gender prediction at 12wk ultrasound

17 replies

HelenC · 11/04/2003 19:57

I have just been for a 12 week nuchal scan to screen for downs.

The sonographer said she thought the baby was a boy as she could see 2 lines.

Is this likely to be a reliable prediction at 12 weeks and does anyone know what the 2 lines might represent

OP posts:

jasper · 11/04/2003 21:04

Don't know but a friend just had a 12 week scan and is telling everyone it's a boy


Rhiannon · 11/04/2003 22:05

I was told we could reliably find out at 20 weeks as long as the baby was in the right position.

Lines? Testicles?


mum2twins · 11/04/2003 22:16

HelenC I was told my twins gender at 12 weeks and was shown what they could see, the female fetus looks like 3 lines just like the two sides of the vagina by the legs and the middle (does that make sense) and the boy fetus two lines which were simply either side of the penis. But they did say do not go painting your nursery based on this information - but they were right. I found my little girls 'bits' easier to recognise on the screen. You could ask them again at your next scan. Hope this helps.


Tamz77 · 12/04/2003 18:22

A friend of a friend went for a 12 wk scan at some specialist clinic in London (not sure why) where they've got all the lastest scan equipment, and they could tell her that her baby was a girl based on what they saw when they enlarged the scan picture.

I've also heard that it's possible to detect ovaries in a female foetus at this stage, just on an ordinary scan; apparently they look like a cluster of white dots (or something - again not sure exactly) in the relevant area. But this may be only something a trained sonographer could spot.

I don't think your sonographer would have said anything if whatever she saw wasn't a reasonable predictor of gender; it would be pretty unprofessional of her. Interesting though (scurries off to dig out 12 wk scan pics)!


miriamw · 12/04/2003 20:15

I didn't ask at the 12 week one first time round, but did this time and was told that they thought it was a boy - which scans at 20 and 24 weeks seemed to confirm. Proof due in just under 4 weeks!


jasper · 12/04/2003 23:24

Isn't the boy baby blue and the girl baby pink?


sjs · 13/04/2003 13:56

We were told at about that stage. Our doctor described it as a Mcdonalds M.... (for a girl.) Anyway, she was right, we have a daughter!


NQWWW · 14/04/2003 13:06

I asked, but they said there was no way they could tell at that early stage. However, asked my midwife what she thought when she listened to the heartbeat, and she said that although it was very early to say, she thought it was a "nice slow boy's heartbeat".


SamboM · 14/04/2003 13:56

That's weird NQWWW - I was told that I was prob having a boy as the heartbeat was fast (she was a girl!)


EmmaTMG · 14/04/2003 14:25

Maybe I imagained it but at my 12 week scan I'm sure I saw a willy between the babes legs. Obviously at such an early stage it could have been something completely different especially to my un-trained eye.


bundle · 14/04/2003 20:58

the girls bit was described to me by my consultant as a 'hamburger' ie slightly rounded lines for the bun, straight line through middle. the person she was training said when she came back into the room 'oh, I thought I saw the hamburger'!! so it's not just an absence of bits for girls, danglies for boys!


roberta · 13/05/2003 17:33

The radiologist told us he thought we were having a girl - couldn't see any boys stuff - at 12 weeks. But at 20 our baby had changed sex and a boy he is, and a particularly well-endowed one at that


dino55 · 13/05/2003 18:54

I was told the heartbeat thing,apparently if the heartbeat is less than 140 beats a minute it is more likely to be a boy and higher, between 140 and 160 a girl.Dont know if theres any truth in this, but my babys heartbeat was around 132 and i did have a boy.


edgarcat · 13/05/2003 18:59

Message withdrawn


pie · 13/05/2003 19:01

I had one of those 3d imaging ultrasounds at 16 weeks, and the Snr Registrar said I'm having a girl. Amnio result at the end of the week will reveal just how reliabel ultrasound gender prediction is...


pupuce · 13/05/2003 19:04

I have posted this story before but I know someone who had 3 scans (last one at 30+ weeks) by 3 different sonographers... it was a boy - no dount.... "and look how big his will is,..."... and she had a girl!


WideWebWitch · 13/05/2003 21:16

Oooh, maybe I'm having a girl yet then Pupuce!

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