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pregnant after miscarriage - please help!

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justfoundout · 16/04/2005 20:58

I've just found out I'm pregnant after trying for ages and having had a miscarriage a few months back. As you can imagine I'm paranoid about losing this baby. Specifically, I want to know if there's any reason to avoid sex? I know it's probably a really stupid question, but could it affect the pregnanty at all?

OP posts:
KristinaM · 16/04/2005 21:00

As far as I know, no. Unless there is some medical reason but your dr should have told you. And its not much fun if you are worried sick. How does your partner feel?

expatinscotland · 16/04/2005 21:03

Congrats, justfoundout!

Nemo1977 · 16/04/2005 21:08

Hi justfoundout I am in simialri situation. Found out on mon that i am pg again and due in dec. I had 2 natural mcs before my ds and one missed mc found in dec last yr. I am petrified and am avoiding sex as if you have had miscarriage it is recommended that you dont do the deed for first 12weeks just in case.
Good luck to u hun and if ur due in dec i look forward to getting to know you better

pinkmama · 16/04/2005 21:13

Hi justfoundout. I had a miscarriage between dd and ds, and was terrifed during the early part of my current pg. my doctor said that sex would not cause miscarriage, BUT, and i think this was sensible, if I happened to start bleeding shortly after sex I needed to think about whether I would always blame myself and question whether I shouldn't have had sex. I think it was sensible advice knowing how hard a time I would have given myself if we had.

Hope all goes well for you!

k9kuts · 17/04/2005 09:01

congratulations,i had two previous miscarriages and when i got pregnant the third time i have to admit i was so scared of losing yet another baby as my second pregnancy was twins id already lost 3.but im pleased to say im sat here with my gorgous 14 week old baby for sex the advice i was given is its ok as long as you have no probs,although to be honest dh and me only had it a few times during pregnancy,it was sort of a subconsious thing i suppose!best of luck and as soon as you hit 4 months the worry does get less x

shhhh · 17/04/2005 13:44

Hi, dh & I are in a similar situation after experiencing 2 miscarriages we were advised to avoid sex till after 12 weeks, once 12 weeks had come and gone we asked if we could continue with sex and was advised it's best to wait until 20 weeks as then problems are few and far between. We asked again at 20 weeks and was advised that it's now our choice. TBH we decided against it as it was to much of a risk, to get this far and to possibly cause problems all for a mad moment of passion!
Like pinkmamma we thought "would we blame ourselves".
We are now 36 weeks and even though I worry constantly now about baby I know we have done all we can to protect baby. It's hard to be sex free for so long but it's whats most important to you. Anyway there are lots of other ways of getting close iykwim

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