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Early pg concerns

13 replies

ChaCha · 13/04/2005 10:38

Hi all,
Am almost 7 weeks, have quite bad m/s and slight cramping which is on an off all day. I've recently noticed some (sorry for TMI) very light yellow d/c, it seems to come and go also. Is this cause to worry and should i contact my GP?
There is no foul odour as mentioned on some sites i visited just the colour is worrying me.
Anyone had this or know what to do?
Thanks x

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 13/04/2005 10:39

sounds normal to me!

FastasleepTheInsomniac · 13/04/2005 10:39

My dishcarge has been yellow since I found out - I'm 13 weeks now, as long as there's no smell then I think yellow's perfectly normal!

quietlycautious · 13/04/2005 10:40

Cha Cha,

It's quite common to have alot of discharge early in pregnancy. I asked the same question a few months ago and was told it's perfectly normal.

If it does become smelly at all though you need to visit your Dr.

HTH xxx

Nemo1977 · 13/04/2005 10:40

same here have had yellow discharge etc with all my pregnancues. vAm now 5 wks with this one and the same as well as lots of cramps

ChaCha · 13/04/2005 11:19

Feel a bit better now, thank you ladies.
Nemo, how would you describe your cramps? I had some really bad cramping on my right side last night but to be honest and again sorry for TMI i think it was a case of trapped wind!!!
Hope that's normal too

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 13/04/2005 11:21

lol cha
they have been like a cross between hefty af pains and as u say ones related to other bodily functions..

ChaCha · 13/04/2005 11:34

Phew...glad i'm not alone.

OP posts:
Enthusia · 13/04/2005 13:39

ChaCha - also have yellow discharge and cramping with wind!!!

ChaCha · 13/04/2005 14:35

Hey Enthusia,
It's great to see you
I am soooo pleased that i'm not alone. How are you .. hope to see you later today on the Nov thread I'm home today..yipeee!

OP posts:
Enthusia · 13/04/2005 16:08

Hiya ChaCha - thought I'd post on here as did not want to upset people on Nov thread!!! I just had a breast biospy - which was weird, but anyway - it was with a specialist I had seen before who is lovely and she did a pg scan for me. It was great!!!! I saw bubs - who is so small - there is only one - small sigh of relief- and I saw a heartbeat, it was going ten to the dozen and the women said although she didn't really know much about baby scans it looked really healthy, it was moving around and everything. She also gave me some piccies - don't look anything like a baby, but it is mine and I don't care. I am suddenly sooooo excited - it actually feels real! To see the heartbeat was such a relief after the recent awful news on the Nov thread. I feel really weird posting there with good news now as I am worried it will make people feel worse. I really do feel for all of them and know I am not out of the woods yet, 10 weeks on Friday though, so I am creeping slowly out!

How are you how is work? Hope you are well and not too sick. Speak soon

golds · 13/04/2005 16:26

Last night I had the most awful pains up my back and front - that turned out to be trapped wind, reading books its is VERY common in early PG.

I also keep getting period like pain cramps, which I had when PG with DD I mentioned them to GP today and he said they were prefectly normal.

ChaCha · 13/04/2005 17:49

Golds, its so relieving to hear that i'm not all alone in this. The pain I had last night was quite worrying - I kept running to the loo every 5 minutes expecting the worst! I think the trapped wind is not so trapped today but have suffered from c/p, not particulary nice and my afternoon seems to have crept by - funny how it doesn't do this when at work

Enthusia - I am sooooo happy for you, delighted in fact - you better post your good news in the November thread where we can all read it, and don't worry, i felt the same about posting this morning, everyone will be happy for you regardless! So you have some piccies? Wow or what? You must be so happy tonight, best have a little celebration with your DH . Really, really happy for you Enthusia! Cyber hugs xx

OP posts:
nitehowler · 15/04/2005 17:07

hi chacha.
congats on the pregnancy, just thought i would let u know i had cramps on the right side of my ab all through both of my pregs and i have 2 beautiful boys age 6 and 2. So try not to worry and sit back and enjoy the rest of the preg{smile}

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