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Jot · 29/04/2001 20:42

Does anyone know why you can't use a sunbed whilst you are pregnant. I am 15 weeks pregnant. I thought perhaps it would only be risky if you were heavily pregnant?

OP posts:
Spring · 30/04/2001 12:26

I didn't use a sunbed for the first few months just to be on the safe side, and stopped when my tummy started growing. I had to sign a disclaimer that the Club was not liable/responsible etc.

I did check out the risks before using the sunbed by asking my midwife. Apparently the caution is with regard to high blood pressure which is very common in pregnancy. Do check yourself though. I don't think I'd go on one with a second pregnancy as my priority now is definitely NOT to have a tanned bod, also it's not worth the money as you'll rarely get time to continue going on one to keep the tan!!

Stc · 30/04/2001 19:22

your skin is more sensitive when pregnant, as far as I know and the tanning could emphasise any chloasma you may develop. I'm not a great fan of sunbeds at any time though...

Lollypop · 26/05/2002 21:13

Can anyone recommend a good self tan lotion? Last year I used one from No7 but it's supposed fragrance-free formula turns my stomach. I would like to wear the denim skirt I bought before I found out I was pregnant while I still can but my legs are snow white.

MalmoMum · 26/05/2002 22:17

I have just bought my second tube of Lancome mousse and think it looks really nice and goes on easily (still haven't master blending in my feet). Haven't noticed a smell but got sinusitus at the mo so can't confirm. Not as cheap as Boots but you should be able to sample it at a counter.

Joe1 · 27/05/2002 10:16

Bodyshop self tan is good, it is the only one I have used as it suits me, you can build on it and doesnt take an awful long time to dry. They now do a spray aswell.

melbers · 28/10/2004 07:58

been looking on the net and i cant find any reason why not to go on sunbeds, the girl in my locail tanning shop said that i only have to be carefulll for the first three months, but then again she just wants be to buy the sun bed mintues off her so maby she say any thing.

smellymelly · 28/10/2004 08:43

Personally I would't go near them. I would use them normally, but would never risk it while pregnant. Surely waiting a few months won't 'kill' you?

aloha · 28/10/2004 09:38

They are so awful for you though, regardless of the baby/pregnancy (when you can react unpredictably to UVA because of hormones and may end up with blotchy dark brown patches on your face). Premature ageing, hugely increased risk of skin cancer (and so premature death, not a good idea with young children)... really not worth it. Get a fake tan instead.

mears · 28/10/2004 09:44

melmers - sunbeds are not safe even if you are not pregnant and there is plenty of evidence out there telling you why.
As a midwife, the reason we do not advise using sunbeds, apart from the general risks, is that sunbeds can increase the body temperature which can lead to an increased temperature rise in the womb which could harm the baby. The same reason applies to saunas It is theoretical but not worth the risk IMO.

bonniej · 28/10/2004 09:47

I wouldn't advise getting any sort of tan while pregnant (except a fake one) I sat in the garden for just a short time in the sun when I was pg and have got permanent tan like marks around my eyes. They are quite easy to cover up but are still there. You can end up with a 'pregnancy mask'. Mine's quite mild but I know someone who has it really bad and it's not very fetching. Just wait till you've had the baby or slap on the fake!

nightowl · 29/10/2004 01:41

i really would have passed out using a sunbed whilst pregnant besides anything else...i used one 5 times not realising i was. first and last time!

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