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Very sore area on tummy

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Miaou · 21/03/2005 08:32

I've had this now for a while, at least six weeks. Not generally noticable except when I am prodded! When m/w palpates and hits this area I literally jump through the roof with pain - gave both sonographers a real fright when I did this when having my scans! Consultant says it is probably just an "anchor point" for my muscles which are holding my uterus in place and should settle down (mind you that was six weeks ago) - has anyone else had this problem? Also, once prodded, it hurts for quite while afterwards.

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KVG · 21/03/2005 11:39

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Message withdrawn

Miaou · 21/03/2005 12:01

Thanks KVG, glad to know it's not just me.

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tab · 21/03/2005 21:59

Hi Miaou. Ive had this achey stitch like/pulled a muscle type pain for weeks. Im 31 weeks now. It doesnt sound as bad as yours but pretty painful at times - and doesnt seem to want to go away. Midwife suggested baby in awkward position - well hopefully he'll move soon!! Seems to get better after I've lied down for a while!! Hope you both get better Miaou and KVG and good luck !

Miaou · 22/03/2005 15:01

Hmmm - think I might check with the m/w about it next time I am in town. I've got a pretty high pain threshold so the fact that it is so painful is bothering me a bit. That said, it has been seen and noted by my consultant, so I don't know what if anything I can do about it! Not a worrier by nature but things do tend to play on my mind at the moment!

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jabberwocky · 22/03/2005 15:12

Is it in the middle? There is a condition where the muscle can kind of seperate. Can't remember what it's called, though or how much pain is associated with it. I do know that it is fairly common in pregnancy and will heal. I agree to pin the MW down on what it could be just to ease your mind if nothing else.

Miaou · 22/03/2005 15:16

It's to the left of my tummy button, jabberwocky, and covers an area about the size of a chocolate coin (sorry, can't think of anything else that size!!) - that reminds me though, m/w did ask if my muscles separated last time I was pg (they didn't).

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jabberwocky · 22/03/2005 15:18

Hmm, sounds like she may be thinking the same thing. Wish I had more advice.

Miaou · 22/03/2005 15:22

tbh it's just nice to know that I'm not the only one - sounds like a fairly innocuous problem! Thanks for your help.

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