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bleeding in pregnancy

24 replies

amylou · 14/03/2005 12:32

Hi - my close friend is 10 weeks pregnant and has had three heavy bleeds in the last 4 weeks. Each time she has gone to hospital for a scan and everything is ok - but obviously she is getting very stressed and anxious by this. She has had 2 normal pregnancies already.

the doctor has told her bleeding is quite common - but does it stop - have any of you had heavy bleeding and continued to have a healthy child - Is there anything she can do to calm things down a bit... any advice would be more than welcome.

OP posts:
katzguk · 14/03/2005 12:42

i bleed heavily at 8 weeks and 12 weeks PG with DD, i was unusual in that they actually found a cause, i had a blood clot just below the baby which had to go somewhere!!

DD is now a very heathly happy 2 year old

jampots · 14/03/2005 12:46

i bled at 12 weeks and about 30 weeks with dd (although second was attributable to vigorous sex i think )

and i bled at 20 weeks with ds (very scary indeed). Also started bleeding at 36.5 weeks (on the friday) whilst i was at hospital having my final pre-section checks/bloods done. Consultant though it was ok but told me if it carried on/got worse or i went into labour over that weekend then i was to get the hosp to page him as he was away and due to do my op on the tuesday when he got back.

I can see why your friend is worried but apparently bleeding in pregnancy is very common but hearing that just doesnt help does it? Hugs to your friend

bathmummy · 14/03/2005 12:53

I had heavy bleeding in both my pregnancies and was worried sick. Similar to katzguk, my scan showed I had a big clot next to the baby in both occasions. Was very very stressful but have got two beautiful happy and healthy children. My bleeding calmed down after 12 weeks with DD1 and on and off all the way through for DD2, rest of pregnancy was reasonable apart from sickness...
I would just suggest that she carries on as she is doing, ie. get each fresh bleed checked out as soon as she can for peace of mind and to check all is ok and try to take comfort from the fact that many many women go through this and have healthy children at the end of it all. Lots of sympathy.
I don?t think there is anything she can do to calm things down. Try to encourage her to do the impossible, ie.relax and find a time in each day just to calm down and have peace and quiet helps to feel more emotionally up to dealing with the stress. As far as I know there is nothing she can do to improve her odds.
I remember my GP telling me to go to work to take my mind off it (with obvious things such as not lifting heavy boxes, avoid getting over tired etc.) and not to sit in bed worrying about it as bedrest will change nothing. Not much help I know. Hope it all settles down soon x

Lexie100 · 14/03/2005 18:37

I had bleeding on wednesday and i have been spotting ever since. Went for a scan this am and baby is doing fine. They can't explain it. I think they said something about an infection or a polyp. My SIL had a polyp and had loads of bleeding around 30 weeks. She now has a lovely DS. Keep positive.

fisil · 14/03/2005 18:40

I had bleeding 5 times in my first trimester with ds and about the same with this current pg (now 34 weeks). Also this time I bled from 13 - 16 weeks quite heavily. In between the two successful pregnancies I had a miscarriage with no bleeding at all! It can be a very bad sign, but in my case it has always been fine (although very very worrying)

Mirage · 14/03/2005 18:50

Another one here! I bled heavily at 8wks & 10.5wks with dd & at roughly the same times with this baby.No one has ever been able to tell me why unfortuneatley.DD was fine & this one is measuring up to date & seems fine at 28wks.

tigi · 14/03/2005 19:30

I bled every 4 weeks, a bit, until 15 weeks when I had a massive bleed and was admitted to hosp, miraculously baby was ok! I bled all the way through after that, on walking, or anything physical. Docs thought I had faulty blood vessel. ds was born at 37 weeks weighing 4lb 13 oz, but ok. Next pregnancy was fine.

chrissie21 · 16/03/2005 21:30

I am worried about loseing my baby i am 8 weeks pregnant .On monday i had to go into hospital because i was bleeding and cloteing really heavily and cramps. I thought i was having a miscarrige but when i had the scan the baby was fine i just just cant understand.The doctors cant tell me why this has happened can it be normal or am i just lucky.

norash40 · 16/03/2005 22:01

I had bleeding at 19 weeks too. Went for a scan and they did an internal check. They did not know why I was bleeding and said that sometimes they did not know what was going on.

Just be strong and try and relax. I know it's hard (it certainly was for me) the thought of maybe loosing the baby. But if they say that both you and the baby are fine then try and relax and take it easy for a while.

All the best gal.

zippy539 · 16/03/2005 22:04

Chrissie and AmyLou - I bled quite heavily at eight weeks - hospital said it was 'implantation' bleeding - ds is now three. All fingers crossed for you Chrissie and your friend, AmyLou.

peepee · 17/03/2005 13:16

Hi all. Just popped in from ante-natal thread due Nov.5th. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANSWERS? I started with some browninsh discharge(only on wiping) last weekend. It stopped for a day on Tuesday and then last night i noticed some dark red/brown blood on wiping only(sorry if I am being a bit too graphic). I have had four m/c,s in the past 6 mths and I am so confused as they have all been different. This time round I got pg straight after a m/c and am wondering if this stuff that I am discharging is remnants of the last. I hope it is. It sounds as though we are all as anxious as each other. Lets hope this is all a false alarm. Take care guys and heres to a positive result for us all!

Mirage · 17/03/2005 18:32

Peepee,how many weeks are you?I have pregnancy brain & am guessing 6 wks ish?

It could be implantation bleeding or cervical erosion,both are very common & one reason why a lot ofd women don't realise that they are pregnant until quite late on,as both can be mistaken for a period.

Have you requested an early scan? You shouldn't have any problem getting one,especially as you have suffered losses in the past (sorry to hear that btw,I have been there & it is grim}.

The fact you have no pain or cramping is positive,but if you have an ea\rly pregnancy assessment unit nearby,they should be happy to see you & put your mind at rest.

I'll keep everything crossed for you.

peepee · 17/03/2005 19:09

Thanks for the advice. I will be seven weeks tomorrow. Still no pain but the discharge is becoming a bit heavier.......I think I know what the result will be. I will leave it over the week-end and then set the ball rolling on Monday should I still be bleeding.
Thanx again.

Mirage · 18/03/2005 07:13

Sorry to hear that you are still bleeding Peepee.
Your plan sounds a good one though,at 7 wks an internal scan should be able to tell you what is going on-if I remember correctly,a heartbeat can normally be seen between 6-7 wks.

Hoping it all works out for you.

peepee · 18/03/2005 19:27

Hi.....The bleeding/brownish discharge happens only once or twice a day. Is that what you guys have been experiencing. It is very light..The other times it was very heavy. It'll be a week on sunday. Still no pain etc. Just a twinge or two. Anyway got my first scan appointment for 21st April. Spok to GP about the epu and he suggested leaving it unless I bleed loads or become too concerned about it. Well fingers crossed.........DH is back for the weekend so things are better I feel a bit more chilled....Enjoy the sunny week-end.....

morningpaper · 18/03/2005 19:40

Peepee I had some spotting yesterday (11 weeks) and rang my midwife this morning - I was in the early pregnancy clinic being scanned 2 hours later. I would speak to your midwife and ask for an early scan.

peepee · 18/03/2005 19:50

What did they tell you at the EPU.

I have experenced m/c's B4 and the scans. Each time I have been they find all is well and then I have had really dull abdominal pains and m/c's within a day or two. I associate the scan with m/c's. Sounds stupid but I can't help it!

I think I will go with the GP's suggestion. The way I see it is that if I am having a m/c there is nothing that can be done at this early stage therefore I shall let nature take it's course as I have done on two previous occassions. I actually found it better than going in for a D&C.

I really hope all is well with you. Thanks for a prompt reply.

morningpaper · 18/03/2005 20:05

All is okay apparently although there might be some bleeding from the placenta, but it was too small to be certain. I think/hope it most likely that it was cervical erosion caused by ... ahem certain activities the day before.

If you are happier not to have the scans, then GREAT, good for you. I just wanted to make sure that there was something there if you know what I mean. It's reassured me.

Good luck. xxx

chipmonkey · 18/03/2005 21:05

I had brownish bleeding all the way through my pg with ds3, had him at 32 weeks because of placenta praevia. My consultant said there was no connection between early bleeding and late bleeding but I'm not convinced! ds3 is perfect!

mancmum · 18/03/2005 21:11

I had bad bleeding with my pg with DD --- was at hspoital being scanned almost every 4 days at one point... one day after another bleed I went in and almost did not bother telling DH as thought it would be routine... in my case it was not as I had lost DD's twin... ... doctors told me that bleeding should ALWAYS be checked out as even though it is common there can be a serious reason behind it ... I continued to bleed until about 24 weeks when it finally stopped. I have to say that except for the bright red bleed I had when I lost DS, all the others were dull and this is apparently usually safe.

peepee · 21/03/2005 17:33

Had a good week-end. No bleeding. Noticed a really light pinkiness on wiping this morning. Nothing since. No pain. Boobs still a little sore. It might be cos i keep proding them!

Mancmum I read your message. How sad, yet it gives me great hope.

Morningpaper glad all is well with you.

My GP has forbidden any kind of hanky panky in our home because of previous m/c's. I've have been easing DH by telling him it's for the duration. Gosh, I hope not.

Anyway, still hoping for the best. I just wish everything was normal and worry free.

Mirage · 22/03/2005 09:15

Great news peepee-had been wondering how you were.

peepee · 26/03/2005 10:17

Have had a good week. No bleeding etc this week. Fingers crossed. Boobs aching and have been feeling quite nauseous

Hope everyone is well and not suffering too much.

Enjoy the long week-end.

morningpaper · 26/03/2005 10:45

Glad to hear things are going well peepee.

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